Tuesday, November 10, 2009

accidental wonder woman

yesterday i did a big organization overhaul, and in the midst of the cleaning i found a very bright red lipstick i had to wear in a shoot for work a couple years ago. at the time i thought it hideously bright; but i've been searching for a perfect shade of red lipstick lately, and i now absolutely adore it.

shirt: vintage, etsy
skirt: american apparel
shoes: jeffrey campbell
belt: vintage, thrifted

i find that i accidentally dress like wonder woman about once every two weeks. the worst case of it is probably this one. i'd originally had on cowboy boots with this outfit but that seemed just a tad too superhero for my tastes.

been baking up a storm lately: fresh country bread, pumpkin cinnamon raisin rolls, blackberry and blueberry clafoutis, and white chocolate blueberry cookies in the last couple of days.

more soon to come, and much love until then -

xo audrey


  1. i love it! the color combo is bright and fun. and i can't believe all the delicious things you've been baking! makes me hungry just looking at it.

  2. nice shoes....and your food looks delicious..

  3. I just love the color combo. Oh, and YUM!

  4. i'll trade you 1 fried green tomato for 1 white chocolate blueberry cookie.

  5. Giiiiiirl, I love your blog. This colour combo it just amazing ♥