Thursday, November 12, 2009


last night i went out for wine with christine from mystylepill. ladies and gentlemen, do not be fooled. this girl is slight, sweet and all smiles, but she will drink you under a table. after two hours and a few glasses of white wine, i was unable to form sentences while christine was outlining quantum theory on our cocktail napkins. okay, not actually, but she walked home with grace while i poured myself into a cab. christine, i tip my raccoon tailed hat to you. you are one classy lady. and you can really handle your veltliner.

today's outfit definitely draws its inspiration from the lovely erin at calivintage and her recent scalloped blazer. i browsed my closet today and found two scalloped items that haven't seen much airtime and decided to pair them together. this blouse is stupidly hard to wear - the sash is a little weird, it's too high-waisted for most pants and skirts and too frilly to wear with anything fancy or anything too casual. i like this pairing, though, and think i'll go back to it in the future.

shirt: vintage, picked up from old hollywood
dress: aka, scoured from gilt
shoes: alice & olivia for payless, ebayed
necklace: ebay

xo audrey


  1. totally in love. those scalloped edges are seriously too good. it's too bad you don't get more wear out of it.... (hint)

  2. What a great combo. I love the scalloped edges on both pieces.