Sunday, November 1, 2009

a zebra can't change its stripes

hello and happy fallback morning! did anyone else not have a clue the time changed last night? sam and i had set an alarm for ten am (pretty standard for a weekend morning) which we usually snooze for at least an hour before actually arising, but this morning it seemed really easy to get up and get the coffee going. now i know why.

it couldn't hurt that our night last night was a pretty tame one. i grew up without trick-or-treating - my parents thought of halloween as "the devil's day" and we were forbidden from getting dressed up and partaking in the all-important childhood ritual; as a result i still have a rather sour taste in my mouth for halloween, and it seems i skipped the years of my life when i could have been something fun like a disney princess or the empire state building and skipped to being surrounded by peers dressed as a slutty ________. last night at a party there was a girl dressed as a slutty troll doll.

but, in the spirit of the hoiday, i went through my closet in search of an idea for a costume. i'd debated being a 60's stewardess, rita from arrested development, and betty draper; in the end i decided to keep it simple, and go as a zebra.

jumpsuit: h&m
tail: a sock and a few pieces of an old stocking
shoes: enzo angliolini

i didn't have a short sock and my ears were a bit too pointy so i think i may have ended up looking more like a cat. one guy at the party said i look like hobbes (of calvin & hobbes)'s sister. i kind of liked that.

sorry, again, for my infrequent postings: excuses include that the light was out in my dressing room and i couldn't figure out how to change it (seriously) and that my wisdom teeth are coming in and i. am. dying.

much love!

xo audrey


  1. I love this. I'd wear this everyday for the rest of my life.

  2. Hee! Two years ago I was a zebra! Of course, that was before I developed any fashion sense, so I looked more like a criminal with an ugly zebra print skirt. You look lovely though! I'd wear this costume on a daily basis! ♥

  3. haha slutty troll doll? wtf i kinda wish i had seen that. too much.

    and you look pretty darn adorable as a zebra.

  4. Ha! Hobbes' sister. Love that. Cute costume!