Wednesday, November 11, 2009

heavens to betsy, i love etsy

sam and i went to new jersey this weekend to go fishing, as i may have mentioned, and came back sunday afternoon with some striped bass in the freezer and this hat on my head. i bought it on etsy late one night last week after quite a bit of wine, and now i'm obsessed with it. we went to a wolfmother/heartless bastards concert that night, and it was unseasonably warm - like ridiculously so - and i wore some denim cutoffs, one of sam's plaid shirts and my new favorite accessory.

and for today, a skirt i haven't pulled out in a while. i bought it on sale at anthropologie but by the time i got to it they were out of my size; i've taken it in an inch or two since i wore it last so that it fits a bit higher up on the waist, which is how i seem to be wearing everything these days.

shirt: very old, from express
skirt: anthropologie
socks: american apparel
shoes: nine west

debating going out tonight or hermiting it up in my apartment and baking all night long. french pastries are a dangerous addiction, folks. don't get mixed up in this shit.

xo audrey


  1. MYGOD, that skirt is amazing.
    & 'don't get mixed up in this shit' actually made me laugh out loud. Win.

  2. ditto all points on simone!'s post.

  3. that skirt is rad!

    I am so obsessed with etsy...way too obsessed.

  4. Oh goodness the print on that skirt is amazing. I don't think I've seen one quite like it. And I love that you're rocking that hat. Etsy's the bomb.

  5. haha you are way too cute!! I have to say you can totally pull off that hat- it actually looks very adorable on you. And I agree with Suzanne that skirt is perfection!


  6. love love love everything about this outfit! i've included it in a "best dressed bloggers" should check it out!!

  7. this skirt is so much fun! love it!:D