Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what i (actually) wore

well, a peek at the weather made no tights somewhat unrealistic, and the intense discomfort of those boots paired with the fact that i planned on walking the 2 miles to dumbo kind of knocked those out, too. i never really take photos in all my winter gear, so here's one: what i actually wore out the door.

dress: same as before
belt: not pictured but there
hat: old, purchased in ireland in the 80s
coat: anthropologie
gloves: who knows
shoes: pour la victoire
tights: dkny

and this is why i don't look at the camera. i look like a total creeper.

and i'm off! sushi dinner and a nice early goodnight, i hope.

xo audrey


  1. Great outfit. Love the coat!

  2. i love your coat and shoes! you look lovely.

  3. Oh. my. god. I LOVE that coat!!

  4. Your coat is absolutely gorgeous :O

  5. you are a master of color. it all goes together so perfectly. you look super chic in your warm comfy outfit!

  6. this is such a great winter-ish look! I love the jacket, it looks so classy and sophisticated. And the fact that u paired it with purple shoes is just perfection! great job!

  7. i'm in love with that jacket!:) just found ur blog today and loving it!