Monday, July 6, 2009

use less, feel more

i am going to tell you a story. months ago, back in september of '08, i was working for a post-production company that made tv commercials. i had pretty recently moved to new york, and i was still kind of reeling from the switch. i was also broke as hell. as it happened, one of the editors i work with asked me to record what is called a "scratch track" - a rough cut of a voiceover, just to serve as a stand-in until the professional comes in and records it for real. this particular commercial was for downy's fabric new fabric softener, ultra downy® april fresh. the client, upon hearing my version, liked it so much they asked me to re-record it, slightly differently. then decided they didn't need to pay a professional at all, because they liked my version so much. i was sent to a recording studio in midtown (a story in and of itself,) stepped into a recording booth for about 20 minutes, signed some paperwork, and went back to my job. i figured i'd get my check for $500 for the recording, which i was frankly delighted about, and that would be that.

last monday i picked up what is probably my 12 or 13th residuals check from this commercial. i don't say this to brag or wave it in anyone's face, but to acknowledge my extreme good fortune and explain what else i did that day. sunday night (while procrastinating from packing,) i posted a few dresses that i was dying for. i beseeched someone to give me $300. well, low and behold, "someone" (in the form of a talent agency based out of chicago) did. and then some. and so, ladies and. . . gentlemen?. . . the dress.

i just got back from california this morning, then went straight to class from jfk; i am exhausted and mostly just not feeling very verbose. i have more to post, and more to say, and yadda yadda, so i will try to post again tomorrow after. . . drumroll. . . my first day of work!

hope you all had an awesome weekend (i did,)

xo audrey


  1. ha, what a cool story :) i'm glad you managed to get it, it looks fabulous on you! i love little yellow dresses!

  2. noooooo you bought THE dress!!!!
    look gorgeous on ou!

  3. how nice is that!! treasure these blessings.

  4. That is so cool!!! What other commercials did you do? I'll have to look out for you now... I jsut stubmled upon your blog from weardrobe and I gotta say I LOVE your style! And that dress is just divine. I love how you went monochramatic and did all yellow. I'm gonna add you on my blogroll!!

  5. That necklace is amazing! Love how it takes center stage with your LBD. :)

  6. That dress is so flippin' beautiful. My favourite shade of yellow: Marigold =D

  7. thats a really fantastic story! its one of those things you hear about happening to like a friend of a friend etc. but never hear happening to someone.

    the dress is gorgeously detailed.