Monday, July 20, 2009

because you loved me

good afternoon! i'm fresh off two cups of coffee and an onion bagel (smeared with what i thought was cream cheese but turned out to be goat cheese - stupid mistake or THE GREATEST MISTAKE EVER?!) i guess i covered most of the weekend already, but let's pick up where we left off!

saturday night i went out and dancedancedanced. sunday i slept in (had to sleep off all that mad dancin') then got a coffee and headed to central park for the weardrobe meetup. about 20 yards from the red balloons i got really nervous and realized how strange it might be to meet all these people who know more about my life than my own mother (sad and probably true). i needn't have worried. yes, it was weird to be instantly recognized when i walked up - but everyone was so sweet and friendly and i had a really great time. was it surreal? absolutely, but also so satisfying to finally put real faces to the names i see and hear all the time. a special hiya to christine, jenni, and martina, whom i spent most of the time gabbing with.

pamela from market publique was also there, and afterwards she and i headed into williamsburg and got dinner with her husband john at bozu. i couldn't have asked for better company and the food was amazing (even if it wasn't REAL sushi. wink.) it was a long day, so after that i headed home and went to bed.

dress: urban outfitters
belt: thrifted
hat: some trashy store in greenpoint
shoes: etsy
necklace: ebay
balloon: weardrobe meetup :-)

woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and got a coffee on the way to work. i really love waking up early enough that it is cool outside and i can get a hot coffee and sip it to stay warm on the way to the train. anyhow. got to work, made a couple of pies, and came back home and caught up with kt, who'd been way too far away all weekend. came downstairs and found a package waiting by the door - the second half of my birthday present from my favorite person on earth (who just happens to be my boyfriend [awwww, ewww. i know]) sam. in addition to the greatest present of all time. . .

(this guy)

he sent THE CRAYON RINGS. I KNOW. he reads. he pays attention. he gets it. hi sam. you're the best.

along with a foodie magazine. mwah.

haha, and now you can see what i look like after pitting 5 bags of cherries. what you don't see is the grime of vanilla bean seeds trapped underneath my fingernails and in my cuticles. FUN FACT! why are vanilla beans so expensive? it's because when they are farmed (not grown in the wild, but actually planted and cultivated,) they don't get pollinated as they do when they grow on their own. as a result, a farmer has to go around every morning and fake-bee the plants, pollinating each one by hand. it's quite a process. thus $10 beans. (for more on this, listen to the planet money podcast on NPR. i am a hopeless NPR nerd and this show is really informative but still interesting and great.) so i am messy, but at least it's delicious (and expensive) mess.

i guess that's all from me for now. have a lovely monday!

xo audrey


  1. holy shit, those crayon rings are EPIC.

  2. wow, you blog is a new favorite! I love how you write. those rings and the bike are amazing!

  3. THE CRAYON RINGS!!!!!! I'm so jealous!

  4. hey, I absolutely love the bike! My boyfriends mum has one in her garden a bit like that, that I have been allowed to have. Its rusty and needs new wheels and seat and everything but I am going to do it up! I have a bit of an obsession with vintage/vintage style bikes(Especially when they have wicker baskets on the front!) Anyway I haven't posted a comment before but while I am here, just want to say I really like reading your blog! Have a good week!

  5. omgomgomgomg CRAYON RINGS!!!

    Also, LOVE the giant hat. LOVE. it.

    I'm so excited about this post...CRAYON RINGS! You're right; your bf is the best.

  6. I love the rings! i kept one of the balloons too-
    quite a hassle in the subway...

  7. Your ride is absolutely amazing! It will make you the happiest lady in the world! I just got one too, and i suppose it's a birthday present, since I used my birthday money for it.

    But those crayon rings are might spectacular as well!
    Fun blogg!

    Have a very merry nice day!