Monday, July 27, 2009

black and blue all over

greetings! i had a lovely time in chicago this weekend (best.ever.) and then went straight to class to suffocate in 100 degree heat with what must be 90% humidity and then slump home to find a stack of paperwork from the new york state unemployment office giving me the runaround AGAIN, (ffuuu) and now i am cranky and i just want to go to bed. i'll post more later. but here are a few photo highlights from the weekend. . .


shirt detail (my new favorite):

pork belly scrapple for brunch:

the winning outfit: (i added gloves and brooch, subtracted the hat)

we went to the antique fair on saturday and i got some amazzzzing stuff. this clutch is one:

sam and his amazing car:

the ORD to EWR outfit:

thanks to everyone for your input on the outfit to the shedd - it went over very well, it was comfortable and it was sam's favorite. more from me soon (that's a promise.)

xo audrey

edit: not sure why some of these photos are a bit blurry. i'll do a full-fledged outfit post tomorrow. hope everyone had a lovely weekend! lovehugs


  1. Those wide-leg blue pants are amazing!!! I WANT. But they look so great on you, and I love that you wore them to travel...plane wear needs some sprucing up, I think. Glad you had fun here in the windy city!!

  2. eli is you-sized. i love the outfit pictures with him in them, nosing you in adoration.

  3. your eyes are frickin gorgeous! im so jealous! you should show your face more in pictures!

  4. Love those blue pants and the blue dress! Blue is really your color!