Thursday, July 9, 2009

raspberry pureé

i am hoping you read that title to the tune of "raspberry beret" by prince.

so, i had my first day of work on tuesday. i woke up with a great deal of effort at 6 am and sleepwalked to starbucks for a large coffee. i made my way into work at 7 am and got to work making a sextuple recipe of pie dough by hand, basically by using 2 knives to cut the butter into the flour. i then chopped and skinned 24 cups of apples, 12 cups of peaches, and pitted 10 cups of cherries. it took about 10 hours, but i made everything i had planned to, plated a serving for everyone to try, and basically stood back and bit my nails as i waited for the reaction. the plates were clean in less than a minute. everything turned out great! everyone there is incredibly friendly, and everyone made a point to tell me how good it was and welcome me. i left work, i think for the first time in my life, feeling satisfied and proud, flushed from the intense heat of the kitchen and nearly 12 hours on my feet but so, so happy. i go back in tomorrow (in 7 hours, auauagh) so i have to try to keep this short so i can get to bed.

shirt: american apparel
necklace: blueberi
shoes: pour la victoire
belt: anthropologie

note the raspberry hue of the necklace and belt. found the necklace at this AMAZING and beautiful store in dumbo today, on major sale, and grabbed it. i don't wear a lot of black but this necklace is so insane that i felt it required a very simple backdrop.

i decided to attempt my first sneak culinary initiative today. i have a partner who sometimes makes buttercreams during the half hour we have for dinner, and i had a hankering for some macaroons. they take a lot longer to make, of course, but i thought i could probably whip a meringue unnoticed, perhaps pipe them out in a corner out of view. i snagged some leftover pastry cream and whipped it with some raspberry pureé to put in the middle. and of course, i got totally caught by my chefs, but they were cool about it. and they turned out great.

and there. raspberry. bam. bedtime.




  1. Agreed. Necklace is amazing!

  2. your first day sounds so exhausting but very exciting, and like it went well! also your shoes are adorable :)

  3. oh my! macaroons are my favorite! I can't believe you just whipped up a batch out of a hankering. Usually I just take a trip uptown to buy some, so not the same!

    And the fact that you did that with a matching raspberry necklace? AMAZING!

  4. I just found your blog, and knew I was falling for it, then this post completely bowled me over. I'm in love.