Saturday, July 18, 2009

cavorting to the gansevoort

happy weekend! we started sugar in class yesterday (amazing timing, given that the air conditioning wasn't working at school, we're on the fourth floor and sugar boils at 316 degrees) and afterwards i went out for a drink with a few kids from class. this morning i slept in and then went for breakfast in dumbo and decided to sneak onto the roof of the gansevoort hotel in the meatpacking district for some hot pool action. the pool is douchey to an unbearable degree, but if you can take yourself out of the place and just enjoy the sun, the water and the drinks, it's rather nice.

yesterday i wore:

dress: american apparel
tights: american apparel
shoes: nine west

i just baked some filo dough and peach compote goodness, now drinking red wine and preparing for the night. and, okay. i haven't worn this dress in ages because it shows every single part of your body in that "oh i didn't even know i had fat there" way that only american apparel clothing can. my options are limited - most of my clothes have been locked away in vanessa's car since i moved; i promise i'll bring them in and be a better blogger. cross my heart.

xo audrey


  1. you're filling out the dress gloriously. i can only dream of curves on my body.

  2. If I ever wore this much pink I think the Universe would just end, but you wear it SOOO well!!! You look maaahhhvelous.

  3. that's a lot if pink but you look amazing!

  4. The phrase 'pretty in pink' suits you so well! Love the different shades and your leggings are amazing.

  5. Hello SEXY DRESS! This looks outstanding on you. Your waist looks teeny tiny!

  6. I think that dress looks damn good. My favourite part is the fact this outfit doesn't look like head to toe AA, it just looks like head to toe cuteness.