Thursday, July 2, 2009

move, movers, moving, moved

what. a. week. it has been, already.

first of all, i want to apologize to (and pour some out for) my fellow weardrobers, who all went out last night (well, tuesday night, i guess it is technically thursday here) in manhattan and. . . well, i guess i don't know exactly what they got to do, because i didn't make it. i really, reallllly wanted to; it would be so cool to meet you guys in person, and if ever i needed a cocktail it was last night, but it also happened to coincide with my moving day, which, as they tend to do, continued late into the night until i was dirty and sweater and had been splashed with mop water and slammed my shins on various boxes/wall corners/bathtubs. but it was absolutely not a waste of a night, in fact it was quite a good one: at 7 pm i splashed some water on my face, threw on some mascara, slipped on a blue church and state blouse (but, hellll no, no pictures) and went over to a restaurant near my apartment to talk to the executive chef about becoming their pastry chef.

the surprise? i got the job.

okay, it starts off really small - two days a week, pay not worth writing home about (although it did warrant a quick phone call,) but i get to do WHATEVER I WANT. i am the dessert chef. it's just me. that means i get to make a menu of whatever i want to do. i get in before every one else and have a few hours to blanchir and slice and cuire a blanc to my heart's desire. my menu for this coming week: (i start next tuesday)

french apple pie
fresh cherry pie
peach cobbler
(all of those will be served a la mode, optionally)
coconut creme caramel with raspberry basil garnish
blackberry brioche bread pudding with vanilla creme anglais

okay, so i have to make 3 pies or cobblers, and one has to be apple, so i don't get full control. still. i am really excited about the last two, although i am trying to keep everything pretty simple this first week so i don't overextend myself and get my feel of the kitchen. but, man, guys. this is like a dream for me. i can't believe how quickly this fell into place. this is huge. i am a happy, blessed girl.

and just now, after dragging an 80 pound bag of laundry 6 blocks down the street with a 35 pound duffle bag on my shoulder, i leaned against the counter and took a photo, because i may be sweaty, but i'm sweatin' in style.

shirt: anthropologie (and vanessa's)
jeans: cheap monday
shoes: a gift from the lovely and thoughtful amy!

tomorrow morning i leave for california for 5 whole days!! and by tomorrow morning i mean i have to be in a car in 7 hours. and i should probably pack and go to sleep.

i am bringing my camera and swear to be better about posting this week. . .

much love!

xo audrey


  1. oh yay, congrats! a job, even a small one, is a big deal, especially when you get to do something you enjoy. i always love seeing the pictures of the yummy concoctions you've made on your blog :)

    also, how do you manage to stay so impossibly cute while moving? last month i had to move and i donned a sweatshirt, holey jeans and converse, an outfit i haven't worn since college! i was way too tired to even put a modicum of effort into dressing (also all my respectable clothes were in boxes). i commend you =)

  2. Congratulations on the job its sounds great and it will be such an amazing opportunity for you!


  3. Congratulations on the job!!!
    Have a wonderful time in California :)

  4. congrats! i seriously want your hair. and your wardrobe. and your shoes.

    happy 4th of july to all :)

  5. congrats on the job!!!! holy crap!!!