Tuesday, July 14, 2009

makes pretty things

i just came from work and i am covered in flour and cherry juice and have sugar crusts on my elbows, but here are some tasty things we made and plated in class last night. a small bribe, if you will, until i post again.

chocolate mendian with clear vanilla sauce, cherry compote, and chocolate fence

white chocolate hazelnut panna cotta with nougatine dust, chocolate sauce and peach compote

exotic fruit soup with almond custard cubes, fruit salad, sesame tuile and orange ice cream

plum soup with poached plums and peach ice cream

pannetone with grilled peaches, sabayon, pistachios, and i could lie about the kind of ice cream but i just don't remember.

champagne sabayon with macerated raspberries, poached peaches, and lavender-honey sorbet in tuille cup

xo audrey

edit: ah! EB's comment reminds me that i meant to give a shoutout to my friend and former coworker and all around talented and cool dude nick, who designed the polaroid app i use for my iphone. you can see his non-iphone photos here and buy the application (called shakeitphoto) on itunes.


  1. Gotta love the iphone polaroid app! It's my favorite!

  2. wow, can i eat everything?
    it all looks amazing :)