Wednesday, September 28, 2011

busy bee

hello there! a really quick catch-up post: a friend of mine has been in town since saturday, and will be until this coming monday, so i haven't had much of a chance to take photos or write posts. what we have been up to:

- finishing up & dropping off a wedding cake, just in the nick of time

- delighting in the fact that there is now a ramen bar less than 1 block from our apartment

- swigging whiskey & water from a water bottle, waiting in line for SNL

- laughing a little too hard as a result

- having brunch, walking all over williamsburg, and having craft beer in a bar with a shuffleboard table

- having 4 old friends in my apartment for fish tacos

- sneaking our own popcorn into drive

- spending an evening with elie tahari, and having the man himself tell me, "that dress was made for you." (his dress, sadly. not the one i came in.)

tomorrow after work we're packing up and heading down to new jersey for the all tomorrow's parties festival; i'm crossing my fingers for dry, warm-but-not-too-warm weather. will any of you be there, by chance?

and now, a photo of me, looking like i've never seen a camera before.


dress: peter jensen for UO
slip: thrifted
shoes: jill stuart
brooch: thrifted

i'll do my best to get some photos in before i take off for the weekend, and i'm hoping to try my hand at some festival street-style photography while i'm in asbury park.

until next time,

xo audrey


  1. soooo jeals!!! I love Williamsburg. and cake. and ramen. and friend visits. and drunk laughing. and pretty much everything else mentioned. except whiskey. whiskey hates my gutz

  2. Nice!
    I don't live too far from Asbury...Portishead, huh?
    Hope the weather holds out for you!

  3. This sounds like a fantastic week :) Although I'm not sure my constitution is strong enough for whiskey & water. I would have packed some G&T.
    LOVE your bright red dress.
    I am totes looking forward to some festival pics.

  4. You know Elie Tahari???? Wow. I love his stuff.

  5. i imagine he told you the dress was made for you and then handed it over. that would be the polite thing to do.

  6. I just love the floor in the room that you took this picture in. Your apartment must be fantastic. Have a good week!

  7. Ooh this look is so mod and fabulous! Your use of colour is continually inspiring. And all tomorrow's parties? That's awesome! Here's to all your magical weekends xx

  8. i love your boots....and i think that the dress you're wearing WAS made for you. you look great in that color....

  9. Hey, I just saw this headline on Women's Wear Daily: "Elie Tahari Taps Bloggers for E-commerce Launch." Are they talking about you?? =D

    Cute dress and scalloped-hem slip! And I don't think I've seen you wear those shoes before...they're awesome. Have fun at the festival!

  10. THAT dress looks like it was made for you! :)

    Seriously, the color is fantastic. And your happenings about town sound just lovely.

  11. i love this dress so much!! so pretty with the little scalloped slip peeking through. whiskey and water huh..please tell me you were laughing at inappropriate times haha! i had y'all over for tacos!


  12. Love these catchup posts.
    You're always so clever, even with short sentences. Or maybe especially cuz of it? I'm very sleep deprived, can't think straight. Though, in my stupor, I still can tell how gorgeous you are and one of the things I've noticed about the things you wear is how MOST of them look like they were made for you. I'm only not saying ALL so it'll sound like this is a very scientifically assessed compliment, as opposed to a generic one. Though it's not rigorously documented, it's also certainly not just the latter either.

  13. P.s. Those shoes? Are they 'booties'? Cuz they melt my heart just like the word booties.
    P.P.S. I've never even HEARD of a ramen bar and SNL?! You got into SNL? How many times a day do people tell you how charmed your life is?

  14. cool boots, i've seen similar ones in zara which i'm hoping to score :)

    sounds like you've been busy! yay for smuggling your own popcorn in!

    Katie x