Tuesday, September 13, 2011

glowering flower

good morning! how was everyone's weekend? i'd planned on going into the city to see a couple of shows - fashion! - but instead i stayed home and cleaned my room, because THAT'S how cool i am. this is kind of a repeat, i guess, of what happened in september - delighted to be invited to shows, for the first time ever, i rsvp'd to almost all of them and then ended up only going to the one - rachel comey - that i was most excited to see. there are a few reasons for this - i'm incredibly flattered to be invited, to be sure, but i don't really think of myself as a "fashion person." i am really just a girl who likes dressing up. and this weekend, the craziness of lincoln center - the jumble of photographers, the legions of stick-thin models, the waves and waves of beautiful, confident women walking swiftly past me in several-thousand-dollar shoes as i wait in line, staring at my $12-on-ebay-miu miu's - just didn't sound like a good time. i'm definitely not judging - lots of close blogger friends attended many a show over the past week, and have some really gorgeous photos to show for it. but they know what they're talking about; i don't.

all that to say, i am going to a presentation tonight and i am VERY excited about it. my camera is fully charged and i'm dressed in an outfit that is the most show-appropriate i could put together; i'll post photos from both the show and of my outfit tomorrow, so you can (hopefully) see what i mean. in the meantime, here's an outfit from last week that i somehow never got around to posting.


top: quail
skirt: thrifted, vintage
shoes: a few seasons old pour la victoire
brooch: thrifted vintage clip-on earring

this shirt is one of my all-time favorites, but i don't wear it much anymore because i accidentally ran it through the wash about a year and a half ago, and it's shrunk up to be less of a crop top. . . well, yeah, less than a crop top. i saw a girl rocking this color combo on the F train a couple weeks ago and made mental note of it, and this green skirt is just high enough to make this not-totally-unreasonable for work. all together, the colors & shapes felt very floral to me; a nice little last-hurrah for summer.

oh! i've recently gotten a lot of questions about how i learned to cook. i did go to french culinary school, and graduated about 2 years ago; my concentration was pastry, though, so all of my classes focused on pies, tarts, brulees, napoleons, macarons, chocolate, etc. as far as cooking - rather than baking - is concerned, i really got into cooking a few years ago, when i moved to chicago; i love good food but couldn't afford to go out to eat, so i started slowly, cooking recipes from the cookbooks my mom had given me, and just kept on going from there. i was lucky enough to grow up with a mother and two sisters who knew their way around the kitchen, so i learned some simply by observing them. within a few years i'd cooked enough to know how to make the basics, and started experimenting more; in the year before i left chicago, i started an underground restaurant of sorts, selling tickets to a four- or five-course meal to be cooked in my apartment. it was not only a success, but the most fun i'd ever had - that's when i decided to move to new york to attend culinary school. i decided to focus on baking instead of cooking for a couple of reasons - one being that cooking is something much more easily experimented with. once you know the basics, you can pretty much throw whatever you like into a dish and it will work, so long as you've thought the flavors through - baking, though, is an exact science, and i wanted to be able to play with recipes the way i can when i cook.

i hope this answers some questions, and wasn't too long winded! thank you all so much for reading - you make this a lot of fun for me.

i hope you all had a lovely weekend! until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. You make it fun for us too! Love your sense of adventure with clothes and food.

  2. Personally, I like that your sense of fashion seems organic, yet adventurous. I think you have a really nice dichotomy going on (and your enthusiasm is infectious!)

    Also, my sister and are working on rosemary-rose creme brulee with her rose-infused sugar today. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  3. The color of this skirt is awesome. Love the ruffly back detail too.

  4. That top is so, so pretty! It works great with the high-waisted skirt solution. I also like the use of a clip-on earring as a brooch...you always come up with fun, creative ideas! It's cool to hear the details about your cooking background too =)

    I would love to meet up sometime when you're out here. Claremont is awesome! Jasen was living there when we first met, and we would walk to the village all the time.

  5. we sound so similar. i would be so flattered to be invited and excited, but probably wouldn't show. so many people, you'd have to be so "on". makes me exhausted just thinking about it!


  6. You are too humble.
    You and your $12 miu miu's are style mavericks and THAT is what becomes iconic.
    Not off the rack mass produced nonsense.
    Not the price tag that counts...but you already know that! ;)

  7. wow, that's pretty cool to hear your cooking/baking experiences, it's so inspiring!

    loving the clip-on earring as brooch :)

    Katie x

  8. The color combo is beautiful and I love the back of the top!

  9. love your skirt dear :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  10. The color combo here is lovely and that little cropped blouse? TOO CUTE.

  11. Beautiful, I love that combination of colours. And the combination of high waisted skirt with cropped top looks great!

  12. I love your title! It made me smile.
    Gosh this is a gorgeous outfit. Love the fabrics , colours and cuts! Basically, you look great. And I completely get what you mean about not being a "fashion person", although I'm sure you still know plenty enough to hold your ground if you felt the desire.

  13. you're too cool for the "fashion" crowd..haha it's too much work to be so into labels/designers, you make it fun! love this skirt so much, the color is gorgeous!


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