Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cat lady

good morning! yesterday i left work and walked a few blocks to the mondrian hotel where, appropriately enough, phillip colbert presented the spring & summer '12 collection of his label, the rodnik band. truthfully, when i got my invite, i'd never heard of him; but a quick google search revealed that his designs are RIGHT up my alley - he describes them as 'having a strong sense of fun'; i'd say that's putting it mildly. a bit of research into past collections revealed, on the safer end of things, playful, childlike prints and dresses designed to look like old rotary telephones and warhol prints; on the crazier end, a very literal interpretation of a ducamp urinal dress. for me, it was love.

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 12.01.41 PM Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 12.01.30 PM
Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 12.03.48 PM Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 12.00.56 PM

(all above photos come directly from the rodnik band website.)

the presentation took place in a dark bar in the back of the hotel; a dj blasted dance hits from LCD soundsystem, bartenders handed out prosecco, and the models danced all over the floor. it was a high-energy good time, and suited the clothes well - somewhat a departure from his more literal copies of duchamp and other great modern artists, the theme of the collection was "save our seas," and featured a fantastic 'submarine' rainjacket, a few variations on long, fishy fish-tailed dresses, and one really fantastic sparkly hooded shark dress. i graciously accepted the free bubbly (don't mind if i doo-zy) and snapped off as many shots as i could (my camera doesn't perform incredibly well when it's dark - this NEVER happens to me, i swear!)

lots of scaly prints. (and giving 'fishtail braids' a whole new level of meaning)
this girl, as far as i could tell, was dressed as a heady pint of beer; i'm not sure how it fits in, but she was having fun, and i dug it.
submarine jacket with crab dress.
the fantastic hooded shark! she never stopped dancing. it was awesome.
a beautiful cod.
the bags were really fantastic, and some of the girls were carrying what i'm pretty sure were lobster muffs.
this model had the greatest hair.

having previewed his collections before attending the show, i decided to don my best fun-with-fashion ensemble, including a certain kitten skirt. . .

(i tried it two different ways; i couldn't decide if the pink top and knee socks was too over-the-top precious, so i switched to the brown button up and mustard stockings. thankfully, the wrinkles in the top faded throughout the day. the bedhead did not.)

top: [first pictures] thrifted
top: [bottom pictures] j crew (on sale!)
skirt: vivetta
knee socks: [top] american apparel
stockings: [bottom] american apparel
shoes: devotte
necklace: [top] from my mom

had i known the theme of the show, i might have picked a different outfit; after all, i was basically stalking around the show dressed as a predator. everyone was friendly, and i really think a great time was had by all; it was nice to see models smiling and dancing as awkwardly as everyone else. bravo, mr. colbert! the collection was fun, quirky, and didn't take itself to seriously. . . and i'll be dreaming of a submarine jacket of my own for the months to come.

xo audrey


  1. Fun! I love the styling and the scale print. And you, of course, look rad! xo

  2. Wow, that show looks kick-ass! I especially like the fish handbags...and the shark girl, of course. I think it's pretty funny that you were dressed like a cat at a "fish" show. Your skirt makes me think of My Neighbor Totoro. I love that movie.

  3. I like the scales but I'm not COMPLETELY convinced by the Duchamp urinal ;)

  4. both tops are great! I can see why you were excited for this presentation - looks fantastic and fun! And your skirt is so fitting even if you were a bit predatory!

  5. this is fantastic. thank you for sharing. it changed my day.

  6. Ohh, I would kill for a good bedhead! My hair is obnoxiously straight=not a lot of options. I do love that kitty skirt as well!

    And that collections is simply marvelous. There's always that fine line between fashion and completely insane, and it captures the perfect amount of both!! Oh and thank you for the lovely comment, I really appreciate your support :)

  7. That looks like so much fun! I was tempted to make a shark costume for halloween last year... after seeing these, I may have to try it!

    Your cat skirt is so cute!

  8. i actually really liked the first outfit...not too precious at all!

  9. i think a cat skirt was perfect with the theme! and i love those knee socks.


  10. Wowza!
    So whimsical and I think your choice of outfits was DEAD ON.
    You looked fab!

  11. brain can't even handle this much awesomeness!! the hair/makeup is badass and these designs are so amazing! love the second outfit so much..bad kittay!


  12. That looks like a great party, was the model next to the shark head girl dressed in a sort of take on Life Aquatic? I think of a female Steve Zissou when I see that beanie! Looks like a lot of fun!

  13. yeah i definitely could go for a submarine jacket too. And possibly that telephone dress at the top. Awesome collection and sounds like it was a great night. And you did a great job at finding an appropriate outfit! I don't think i own any pieces that would have fit with the collection. kudos.


  14. I love the pink top with the cat skirt! It's so cute. And I laughed at the "I was basically stalking around the show as a predator"-- so great! The show dresses are so FUN!

  15. Oh my gosh, SO awesome. I love the designs, and it looks like the perfect fashion show/partay. And I love your kitty skirt, too! Perfect!

  16. That is an AMAZING skirt!! This look is so Mod and fun. Love it!

    FAB X

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