Thursday, September 8, 2011

new wave

good morning! i've been rather awful about taking outfit photos lately - in truth, my bedroom/closet is a complete disaster zone. it is in crisis. we've been going out of town every weekend for the past four weeks and i just haven't had a night to stay in and get it done - or rather, i've had a couple of nights where i COULD have, but instead i hang up a couple of dresses and then get side tracked arranging brooches on a shelf or making soup. so, i'm sorry about that. i'm actually having a lot of fun getting dressed lately; i think i said it before, but i kind of feel like i'm in costume with this hair cut and color, and i've been heavily leaning towards what i think of as 60's mod/french new wave type styles. here's one i've been liking.


top: a gift from the sweet & beautiful krystle of dear winsome
necklace: thrifted
pants: zara
shoes: beau coops x karen walker
belt: asos

last night was the big party for arrojo's tenth anniversary; i actually ended up loaning the salon my camera so they could shoot the event, so i don't have any photos myself, but i did get the final "after" shot from the photographer:


i'm giving pretty serious bitchface (this was after i think twenty minutes or so of having my photo snapped, and i think i was starting to lose it) but you can see the cut & color well, and it IS flattering, even if i look mean.

what's everyone up to for fashion's night out? i think i'm going to hit up the lauren moffatt party, say hello to erin, and then stop over to see keiko at the event she's hosting.

xo audrey


  1. i want those shoes! so pretty! and ummm your bitch face is still gorgeous! do you think you'll keep up with your current hair color or are you going back to being a brunette when your roots start to show?

  2. I'm just LOVING this red-pants getup. Fab. And that last picture, while a tad bitchfacey, is also utterly GORGEOUS.

  3. i love how a hairstyle can change the way you dress. currently looking for a change- hair and clothes. maybe i should take the plunge.


  4. You just look Adorable! Those shoes are AMAZING!! I also really Love how you display your necklaces.

  5. That's not a bitch face that's 'Fierceness'. Love your red pants too! The necklace is a great accent.

  6. The red pants and the light blue shirt look so good together!

  7. I love how you have embraced this alter ego your hair has created and have followed suit with your wardrobe.
    Beyond divine and so gamine~cool!!!

  8. Oooh! You have such a good bitchface. Too bad you don't get to use it much. Or does Sam get it for funsies?
    I love getting inspired by the combos you put together that I never would've thought to do. I had red pants (but recently gave them away after NEVER ONCE wearing them) and I have blue button ups. Never thought to pair them. Le sigh. And whenever I wear button ups, I feel like that automatically excludes necklaces but you just blew THAT out of the water, too. I tried to think of some clever comment about blowing things out of the water - fish - and Sam. Nothing doing.

  9. Cuuuute! (Both the outfit and the haircut photo.) Your vibrant pants are awesome and perfect with the pale blue shirt! Haha, I have some photos somewhere that I titled "Heather Bitchy" and "Heather Bitchy 2" because...yeah, that's the vibe I got from them. Your Fashion's Night Out plans sound like so much fun! I've been reading Keiko's and Erin's blogs for a long time too...they're great!

  10. Love love loooove your outfit, I love the mix of colors and it doesn't look too loud at all!

  11. Lovely as always, love the color combo and the SHOES. Oh girl.

  12. I really need to find some skinny colored pants, all mine are much fuller! And I totally agree with Loren, it's Fierce Face, not bitch face!

  13. I love your haircut, it looks so good on you, and the color is amazing !

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  14. hey that's me! haha the vintage shirt looks so amazing on you, i knew it would be perfect! love the pants too, i have some rusty skinnies like these that i love. that photo of you is so gorgeous..your hair color is so freakin pretty!!


  15. Love the outfit, and the idea of wearing a necklace over the shirt collar. Awesome. And that's a great photo!

  16. I've said this before, but I'm so in love with your hair! It looks so gorgeous on you! Reminds me of Edie Sedgwick :) And those red jeans rock pretty hard too!

  17. Wow you look so much like my mom!!!! And her friends. Tears to my eyes. lovely!

  18. eep! your hair just keeps getting better and better!

  19. @Nuha thank you dear! i think i'm probably too lazy to keep up with the hair. . . i might go super short and super blonde for a bit, once this starts to wear out, and then just let it go back to natural.

    @Between Laundry Days haha, SUPER bitchfacey. but thank you! i am loving the skirt in your newest post. . . very white stripes-y.

    @gabrielle do it!! it's so fun and exciting to have a new haircut. hair grows back!

    @Emma thank you so much! i'm meaning to use this mannequin to sell stuff on etsy, but it's working great as a jewelry rack in the meantime!

    @Loren haha, thank you! i've decided to embrace it

    @The Present Road thank you!! zara sells online now. . .

  20. @Bog-Bog thank you! definitely a lot of godard inspiration in the color scheme.

    @Eleanor thank you thank you! such sweet words!

    @Rachael hahaha. sam DOES get to see it, sometimes for funsies and sometimes for real. puns don't always come easy. patience.

    @Heather, 29 Skirts hahaha. thank you! yeah they are both wonderful ladies. i get to see keiko a lot but it was awesome to see erin. . . she's in your homestate, but i guess quite a ways from pasadena.

    @Jana Lopez thank you!!

  21. @Lauren thank you! yeah the shoes, while impractical, are rather lovely. i'm hoping it doesn't get slippery outside too fast.

    @FutureLint thanks lady! i think a loong, looong time ago i posted a really basic tutorial on making wide pants skinny. . . if you have a sewing machine and someone to help you pin, it's so doable.

    @Vale ♥ thank you!

    @dear winsome thank you so, so much my dear! i am still waiting for the right moment to bust out that dress. . . it fits but is on the short side, so i need tights season to hurry up and get there!

    @Cosmia thank you so much!

    @HazelandMare i love you for saying this. edie sedgwick is my dream girl. thank you so much for your sweet words!

    @missskitttinwhat an unbelievably sweet thing to say! i'm so flattered, thank you so much!

    @hannah, heart city thanks lady! i'm worried it's peaked and the growing out will be awk-ward, haha. i KNOW i still owe you a package, i finally went through a bunch of stuff this weekend and think i found some gems to send you. xo

  22. I love your style Suzie! These trousers are perfect. I'm going to see if they have my size now. Fingers crossed! summer dress designs