Thursday, September 22, 2011


so, last week, after posting some rather disheveled hair photos, i decided my hair could use a good trimmin'. i've never had a go-to salon in new york; i got free bumble & bumble haircuts when i first moved here, and since have skipped around from place to place, never finding one i was totally happy with.

[movie announcer VO voice] until now.

my experience at arrojo was such a good one, start to finish - they really listened, did a great job with my color, and treated me like a princess the whole time (not to mention i LOVED mary, the colorist who gave me my strawberry blonde. i've never had a stylist so easy to talk to.) so i decided to give them a call and see if they'd be able to give me a refreshed pixie cut, and while they were at it, take me allll the way to blondey blonde blonde. they happily gave me an appointment for saturday morning, and 5 hours later, i walked out with this.


i couldn't be happier. i'd wanted a super blonde all along - i figured if you're going, you should go all out, right? well, my hair is THICK, and there is lots of it - even going from the coppery blonde that i was on friday to this white-blonde took FOUR HOURS. the analogy they used was this: you could drive from new york to los angeles without stopping, but once you arrived you'd be completely frazzled, worn out and worthless. the same is basically true of your hair. by going gradually lighter - i actually started out with a darker, more coppery blonde, which you can see in the photo the salon took, then went a tiny bit lighter the next day - my hair had some time to recuperate and recover some of its moisture & shine. waiting a little while in between also lets the stylist adjust the tone of the color a bit, seeing how it's worn on me.

tabitha was my colorist and she was absolutely amazing. i plopped down in the chair and told her i wanted to go white blonde, having no idea how much work that was really asking - i think it took about 3 shampoos, 2 bleach cycles and 12 batches of dye to get it this color, and she did it all cheerfully, explaining what she was doing along the way (your roots get the bleach first, for example, so they lighten up to the color of the rest of your hair before putting bleach all up in there. makes sense, but it never would have occurred to me.) she refused to let me walk out of there without the perfect color, even if it meant rescheduling my haircut (which it did, and which she totally handled for me.) martina, my stylist who had to wait about three hours longer than she'd expected, gave me a killer cut that still gave me some room for styling, and really shows off the new color. i couldn't be happier, and i can't imagine i'll ever go anywhere else for a haircut.


more soon to come. this weird in between weather has be panicking to get dressed in the morning, leaving no time for a photo - yeah, #firstworldproblems. lots of gratuitous pretty clothing photos to come, though, i swear.

happy almost friday!

xo audrey


  1. I know it's wrong to have hate in my heart, but I hate you because you can do anything with your hair and look amazing and you can wear anything and look amazing and you are amazing.

    [I don't really hate you]

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  2. The color looks great! These photos are so cute! Love the top you are wearing in the last photo too.

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  4. love this shade of blonde on you, and your new pixie cut is marvellous!!! love that last picture, seems taken out from a fancy magazine :)

  5. How in the hell did you go this long without this colour? (and cut combination)
    its pheeeeeeeeeeeeenominal.

  6. That hair color is Beautiful on you!

  7. wow. your blonde hair is seriously amazing. making me want to go short short!

  8. Ooh, very cool! The choppiness and super-light blonde look great! For a short cut you really need a great stylist, and she did a fabulous job.

  9. Ok.
    I've officially got a girl crush on you.
    But don't worry, I'm not creepy or stalkerish...just blown away by how you embody the gamines of yesteryear....
    I now believe in reincarnation!

  10. aw that haircut is FAB! I absolutely adore the blonde - it's perfect for you! And I'm glad you've found a salon you love. I'm in the same boat as you used to be, but in LA. I've been here three years and can't seem to find the spot I love (for the first couple years I just had a friend cut it and she was fantastic....but then she moved) Since she left, I've been salon-hopping via Lifebooker and can't wait to find the perfect place so I can finally settle in!

  11. so totally adorable, audrey. i love it. and, i love that lacy top in the last picture. it makes me eager for more outfit pictures.

  12. I love it! The color looks fantastic

  13. I really adore this colour on you! How does your skin tone look so great with all those different colours! Really love it. And you're wearing mustard again yay!

  14. I love these pictures and the way you put them together.
    you have such a cool blog
    Sara C.

  15. I always thought you were movie-star beautiful, but this hair is am-a-a-a-azing on you.

  16. SO cute! I have always wanted to go white-blonde, but I've never had the guts. I might go with red first. You look fabulous!

  17. love love love!! the platinum is so gorgeous on you..kind of michelle williams-esque. stunning!


  18. love this colour, it looks so great on you! i agree, i really like the white blonde look, it's more striking :)

    Katie x

  19. @Lauren hahaha. you are very sweet but i PROMISE that isn't true. i definitely look really, really dumb in some things. those are the things that stay in the dressing room.

    @Kitsune-kun thank you!

    @Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. thank you so much!

    @BlueVanilla thank you! in my dreams. . .

    @Loren thank you! yeah, it was pretty cheap so i'm surprised how great it looks. i think it's going to get a lot of action this fall. (i'm trying to learn how to layer.)

    @miha, skinny buddha thank you! you always have such striking, fantastic hair.

    @tomorrowneverknowsfashion you are too kind. it's already growing roots (my hair grows SO fast) so i'm trying to fiugre out how long i can keep it up. . .

    @Emma thanks dear!

  20. @hannah, heart city girl, i said it on your blog, but DON'T DO IT! you have the most beautiful hair on the planet. (that said, if you really want to, totally do it. it's so easy and it feels awesome.)

    @Heather, 29 Skirts thank you! she did an amazing job.

    @Eleanor you are far, far too kind! you should totally swing by asbury park this weekends, see if you can overhear some sweet sounds. . .

    @stylefyles it can be so so hard to find a good place. it's silly, but it really feels like such a relief to have found one for good. . . i hope your find yours soon!

    @Norbyah thank you so much. they're coming, i swear!

    @Carolina thank you!!

  21. @lauraa i realized it was just hair color shock (HCS) that was preventing me from wearing mustard - i think it looks fine, and i love it too much to stay away. thank you! i keep expecting to wake up one morning and just look dead, or jaundiced. i'm actually pretty shocked the color works.

    @Sara C. thank you so much!

    @xuxana oh my goodness, you are so incredibly sweet! you have no idea how deep a red this caused me to blush. thank you so much for your kind words.

    @Mara nice!! i love red but i'm a bit too wussy to do it myself, i think. do it!!

    @dear winsome thank you my dear!

    @Katie thank you! i feel like i finally have what i'd been picturing in my mind. i'm pretty happy.

  22. It's so important to find that place to trust with your hair... I mean, it's the accessory you can't really take off and can make or break your day (if you're me. I'm working on it...)
    I've been going to the same lady in Santa Cruz for 6 years (even when I lived in upstate NY) but I caved right before school started as I wasn't going to be able to see her for ~2 more months and I couldn't taken it. Fortunately, I found someone here who did a great job. Phew. Anyways... .long story... yup. As those above me have done a good job saying, you look superb and I especially love the floor shot. I didn't think your new hair could get cuter but you proved me wrong. 3 points! Spend 'em wisely...