Friday, September 23, 2011


good afternoon folks! happy friday! it's a bit dreary here in new york, but i'm defiantly wearing sunshiney colors to spite the rain. i'm in a sunny mood anyway; i've got a really fun weekend ahead.


dress: AKA, via gilt (a couple years ago)
top: zara
shoes: vintage, thrifted
brooch: vintage, thrifted

so, what are you guys doing this weekend? tonight i'm making a wedding cake for a friend's wedding tomorrow; saturday a good friend from chicago is coming in town, so we're going to see SNL (!!!) and possibly sneaking to the after party afterwards; sunday, another couple of old friends will be in town and we're gathering at my apartment for fresh fish tacos.

xo audrey


  1. Holy crap! Those two items were MADE for each other! And I love your new blonde hair - so FUN!

  2. omg that combination is divine! and the broach is perfect. have fun at snl!!! wouldnt it be awesome to have a job where there is an afterparty for everything you do?


  3. Eeep! This is adorable! I just put it on my Pinterest inspiration board. I bought a top that's somewhat similar to the one you're wearing at H&M on sale last spring and I'm waiting for colder weather to wear it...the bodice is like a sweater, but the sleeves are lace. My point is: I love the color and the lace!

    And yeah, ENFPs and INTJs are supposed to get along =D I think NFs and NTs generally understand each other well. It's funny that you and Jasen are both ENFPs because he LOVES to cook too. I mean, really loves it. I like it when I have the time, but he always finds the time, if you know what I mean.

    Your weekend plans sound fabulous! I hope you get into the SNL after party. My friend Natasha is throwing a birthday party for me tomorrow at her place in Santa Monica, so that should be pretty fun!

  4. I love this top. I want like...ten just like it. Also, I think you should really go for the fork and knife tattoos. You'd be the coolest person in America. And wouldn't that be something?

  5. your dress is super cute AND you get to see radiohead? not too shabby. :)

  6. Love that first photo so much and the hair/outfit is amazing! SNL!! Sounds like you'll be having so much fun!


  7. omg live taping of snl? that's too cool! also too cool is that amazing dress.
    i'm going to a party night tonight and then tomorrow heading to bklyn! hoping it stops raining at some point. have fun!

  8. Oh wow, you look spectacular! I've been dreaming of a dress like that (with multi-coloured scallop layers), and here it is! Or at least a sneaky way of making it happen :)
    Your style is incredible.
    Have a magical time xx

  9. The dress is amazing - I love the detailing on the bottom so much)
    I also really like your new hairstylre - when I just started following you, your hair was dark and a bit longer, and I loved that look. Now it's so different, but really beautiful too <3

  10. sunny colors despite rain is my motto!

    love the scalloping on that dress, and the way it goes with that top - ridiculously perfect. and your hair! so good. sooo gooodd.

  11. oh my god you are amazing and so is that dress!

  12. These two pieces look great together and your hair is still awesome. A wedding and SNL in one weekend? Sounds like loads of fun :)

  13. I love your new cut and colour! Totally rad. I actually chopped off all of my beautiful long curls recently, and now I'd like it coloured, too. If you go for new look, you'd better be thourough, right? I wish I could find a salon as great as yours, it's so rare to find dedicated hairdressers.

  14. Love the layering of the scallops, looks so good!

  15. Ooo, really love those two colors (and items) together! And, they look great on you. Bon weekend!

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  16. Oh I love bringing sunshine in my clothes when the weather is not cooperating.


  17. what a gorgeous dress and I absolutely love that first photo. Really cute blog!

  18. Oh my, I've missed so much! Love the blonde, it looks amaaazing! And I saw SNL last week, but to be able to be in the studio audience?! I hope you got to the after party, Alec Baldwin hosting SNL is the best, although it competes with Steve Martin. Love the scallops and lace, I need to get me some of those!!

  19. I just might be obsessed with this outfit. The colors are SO good, and the lacy, scallopy thing is so cute.

  20. Wow.
    Just. Wow.
    This FLOORED me! What fun! I've loved so many of your creative ensembles but this one takes the cake (or will be making it at least... har. har... I think the internets should not let me comment when I'm sleep deprived). Anyways, back to the outfit... it embodies femininity, fun, glamour. I would stop you on the street and make you twirl if we were strangers.
    Aaaand I can't move on to the next/previous post without noting the adorableness of your hair. 10 out of 10.

  21. So - you are perfect and so is this outfit. AMAZE!