Monday, August 1, 2011

matchy matchy

i snagged this rather un-characteristic top on sale at urban outfitters recently. i've been feeling a little body-conscious and the fit and drape of this lets me relax a little bit; i also was surprised how much i love the neutral color, given my usual penchant for bright bright bright. of course i couldn't completely let myself dress like a grown up, so i paired it with (new favorite) some bright red shorts and a pair of flats i thrifted in connecticut a couple of weeks ago, and broke one big fashion rule: don't be too matchy-matchy. the color of the shirt+shorts perfectly match the two-tones of the flats, but i think i like it.


top: urban outfitters
sunglasses: asos
shorts: urban outfitters
shoes: thrifted

i wore it for the first time last week, right after deciding i was going to wear a big girl outfit, with painted nails and everything. i never paint my nails, because i'm too much of an impatient spaz - of course, the moment i put the shirt on, i got a smudge of bright yellow polish on the damn thing. i think i'm going to cover it up with a button, but i'm pretty annoyed at myself.

more from me soon,

xo audrey


  1. what i love the most about this post, is that i feel like i am looking at pics of my closet....i even see some of the same pairs of shoes! haha!


  2. i think you look great in neutrals! and it was good to pair that top with those cute urban shorts. i was eyeballing those myself....your handbag is to die, love, love.

  3. aww. if it helps, i'm a real klutz too. but you're a goddess in the kitchen whereas i'm still a klutz in the kitchen. LOVE the shoes.

  4. I love the matchy-matchy of the shoes with the outfit. I think it's perfect!

  5. LOVE this outfit!! I am so into nude colors right now and that top is perfect.


  6. I really like the red and orange tones, and I think it's cool how the beige and red of the outfit are repeated in the shoes. I also love loose tops with shorts. This is so cute and summery!

  7. Ugh I got greasy moisturiser stains on the last TWO white shirts I bought.. such a pain! Love the colours in your outfit however!

  8. Those red scalloped shorts are so awesome! The neutral blouse is really pretty with them. Great shoes too!

  9. love the colour of those sunglasses frames! your closet looks amazing..

    Katie x

  10. @urbanrhetoric haha! which ones? i feel like i should apologize for my messy closet!

    @Norbyah the shorts are comfy but WAY shorter than i thought, looking at the website. . . i would probably order up a size if i could go back in time. they also wrinkle like a nightmare. (but for $20, i can't really complain.)

    @十十f十 haha. i can be a klutz in the kitchen, too, believe you me! thanks for the shoe love!

  11. @Mara @Mary thank you!

    @Heather, 29 Skirts thanks! a happy accident with the perfect matching. and i was amazed at how much cooler this top was than most that i wear - even though the fabric was kind of heavy, the looseness of it made it sooo much more comfortable. i'll be looking out for this silhouette from now on.

    @Cosmia I feel your pain, lady.

    @Jamie Rose thanks! on super sale at urban outfitters, both!

    @Katie thank you! I'm loving them - first pair of sunglasses i've really liked and held onto for more than a week (knock on wood!)

  12. love those scalloped shorts..if you feel anything but gorgeous and tiny I will punch you in the face! You're the most delicate little beauty ever..


  13. That's exactly why I seldom paint my nails. I usually end up with only one hand (or foot) done... If I'm lucky. Then I'm too rushing around to take it off so I end up with one set of painted limb extremities for the rest of the week.
    I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling body conscious. I'm going through that right now too and it blows. If it helps at all, you're my inspiration in that department (and many others).
    The amount of matchy-match you achieved is the absolute PERFECT balance. Just enough to say, Ooh lala without going, "Hmmm" like matching earring and necklace sets often do to me.