Friday, July 29, 2011

colonel mustard

good morning! a bit of catching up to do after one day of dead camera & one day of camera forgotten. this is what i wore wednesday, for a day of work before meeting up with keiko and some new friends for dinner in dumbo, a dinner that heavily featured pork belly and beets, two of my favorites.


my mess of a closet. i've been compulsively buying stuff on thrifting missions for months now without updating my store and the situation is out.of.control. i finally broke down and ordered a dressmaker's mannequin yesterday so i can easily take pictures of & post a lot of stuff quickly; expect major shop updates in the coming weeks. some really amazing stuff, too! my hips are not what they used to be, and it's time to let go of some old favorites.

dress: asos
slip: thrifted
heart: bando shoe clip
shoes: ebay

this dress is really similar in shape and color to one i pretty much wore into the ground over the last couple of years. it started to shred around the bottom, so i chopped it off and made it into a blouse; i finally just replaced the buttons a couple days ago so i can get it back into rotation.

what are your plans for the weekend? i'm meeting a few girlfriends for drinks this evening, which i'm looking forward to; the rest of the weekend will be spent, i think, hunkered down on some invitations i'm working on.

more soon to come,

xo audrey


  1. boyfriend is coming to SF and we are running the marathon (well he is, i'm doing the 5k). then a short but sexy trip to lake tahoe. where can we check out your shop?!


  2. this is the exact dress i would wear every day if i had one like it. you're lovely in mustard.

  3. I love that you took your pics in the middle of your crowded closet! It's like we're in there with you watching you try things on...(but not in the creepy naked way :) Great colour! Headed to the lake for the weekend, can't wait!


  4. Cute dress! I also love all the patterns and colors in your closet. So fun.
    Have a good weekend! I'm going to the drive-in movies tonight, and... I don't even know for the rest of the weekend. It's my first full weekend off in ages. I don't know what to do with myself!

  5. Very cute dress, and I love the slip peeping out! Also, your shoe collection is fabulous. I'm still searching for yellow shoes...I really want some bright ones!

    I'm going to try to get a few more items up on Etsy this weekend too. And Jasen and I are thinking of checking out this old tiki bar not too far from us called Bahooka.

  6. hi i find you on lookbook and i check out your blog.. so sweet and amazing.
    is beautiful 's combination of your style, fashion and cooking. I fell in love. I FOLLOW YYOU!!

  7. I want everything in your wardrobe! <3
    Plans for the weekend - not much so far, maybe drink some wine and watch Wendy & Lucy.

  8. Love the mustard dress! Your closet looks so bright and fun..I think this weekend will be spent working on organizing my closet haha and doing a bunch of nothing!


  9. i love the dress and i am insanely jealous of your wardrobe - particularly those blue shoes with the red hearts? ugh, lust.

  10. i love this shade of yellow, especially on you.

  11. Glitter shoes and blue VW Melissa's!! Wow your wardrobe is amazing and I LOVE your refashioned dress. Isn't it great when you're on a thrifting roll? xo

  12. your shoes are really amazing, especially the boots(red booties? so cool).

    i love buying shoes on ebay, but i find that whenever i buy one thing on ebay it quickly becomes multiple things, and then somehow i've got a pile of boxes on my front step two weeks later. although with this post i feel my self control waning...

  13. I need to get meself some Ferragamos, I think! :) And at least you took the time to color code your closet, mine's by sleeve length.. Lovely slip, I'm digging the scalloped edges peeking out!

  14. @gabrielle damn, good for you! my sister just did a 5k last weekend, she is my hero. my shop is on etsy - - there's the link, but i haven't updated it yet, i'll let you know when i do! your weekend sounds like a dream. . . i would love to be at a lake right now!

  15. @lauren thank you! it's super comfy.

    @Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. haha, OVERCROWDED is more like it! thank you, and hope you enjoyed the lake - i'm super jealous.

    @Mara thanks lady! a drive in sounds fun, i'll have to see if there's one near us we can visit. . . hope you enjoyed your weekend off!

  16. @Heather, 29 Skirts i always feel the urge to offer to loan them out, but it seems so impractical when the shipping probably costs as much as the shoes did, haha. i can check the brand of the bright yellows if you like - i bought them years ago, though, so i'm not sure if they're still around.

    did you check out the tiki bar? how was it?

    @Simonavenus thank you! very sweet!

    @Cosmia haha, well i'll let you know when i put some up for sale, hopefully soon! what's wendy and lucy?

    @dear winsome thank you! yeah my weekend was pretty quiet as it turned out, but sometimes after a long week, that's the best possible thing.

    i don't wear them often enough - they are so great! happy to arrange a temporary swap if you want to try 'em!

  17. @Norbyah you are too kind, always!

    @Pull Your Socks Up! thank you! i'm loving all the luck i've had with thrifting but my husband is NOT - i gotta start moving some stuff out of our apartment before it's swallowed up by my closet!

    @Summer oh, i hear you. i have that problem BIG TIME, especially on etsy.

    @soychild. i DO love my ferragamos - ebay is always teeming with them. they are so comfy and versatile. . . i highly recommend. thanks for your sweet words!

  18. the ferragamos are indeed lovely - i scored some for 20 pounds in a vintage shop, but failed to accept that they didn't fit me! need to get around to doing something with them..

    i love mustard yellow, it looks great on you!

    I went to my 1st ever wedding as a grownup this weekend! (1st actual wedding, i was only 15) - weddings are great, i didn't realise how fun they could be!

    Katie x

  19. i am loving the scalloped edges i see in this outfit and your shorts above. I'm really enjoying scrolling through your blog. It's so awesome to find a inspiring blog, its been a while

  20. Sometimes, and by that I mean often, I forget how fabulously glamorous a girl can look without wearing skintight clothes. When I pull out my baggies, I don't feel dressed up and the whole 24 hours feels like an off day. But here you blow that false notion right out of the water. The little heart is the most adorable cherry on top of an already kickass outfit.