Wednesday, August 3, 2011

avocado squash

yep, on days when i can't think of a blog title, i default to "what did i eat last night?" one track mind, ladies and gentlemen. one track mind.

yesterday was. . . monday. [disclaimer: after missing two days last week i am now posting everything a day behind. and rather than pretend i wrote this at 8 am, i'm just going to tell you i wrote it yesterday [tuesday] when the day before was, in fact, monday. sorry for the confusion.] i just tried for over a minute to think of any adjective to put at the end of that sentence and i failed. it was a day. i worked, went home, cleaned my room, made sam & i dinner and went to bed while watching curb your enthusiasm. really, nothing to write home about. or to blog about, in fact!

how to make gifs

where it was once a novelty to see my closet, now you just get to watch as it gets messier and messier. sigh.

this dress is another in the haul of dresses i got from my new favorite thrift store in new jersey a few weeks ago. honestly, it's not a favorite - i feel like it is way too, "HEY CHECK IT OUT: BOOBS!" which i try to avoid whenever possible, but sam loves it (go figure) and i do love the pattern and colors, so i gave it a run yesterday. we'll see if it makes the cut when i start sellin' stuff on etsy.

dress: vintage, thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: c/o seychelles (similar here)

i can't say enough about how much i love these shoes. they were, in fact, my wedding shoes and they are so comfortable i kept them on all night, and walked all over manhattan in them yesterday.

i've been attempting to eat a bit healthier lately, which i basically hate. i love butter, bacon, beer and pretty much all things bad for you, but (sigh) i'm not as young as i used to be, and blah blah hips-getting-bigger-whine. so i tried a mostly-veggie dinner last night and it was actually pretty delicious, and quite lovely.


this never would have happened if i hadn't spent an hour fawning over veggies at the farmer's market on sunday. such a simple tomato salad is really only pretty and delicious if they tomatoes are fresh and grown in smaller batches, and it takes cute little baby eggplant and squash named avocados to get me to eat that stuff.

basically i made 3 really quick and easy side dishes: baby eggplant and avocado squash, the former halved and the latter diced then sauteed until soft and browned in olive oil & garlic and sprinkled with salt and pepper; baby heirloom tomato salad, simply sliced up, drizzled with olive oil & liberally salted; and zucchini, fresh from sam's family friend's garden, sliced with a peeler and quick sauteed in the remaining olive oil from the squash, then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and a cheese of your choice - i used cojita, but ricotta salata, feta or any parmesan would have been great, too.

of course i served all of this with a "side" of duck confit. . . one healthy step at a time, amirite?

until next time,

xo audrey


  1. The love of good food and wine comes at such a price doesn't it?
    I have spent this summer eating and drinking more than I should and now must get myself back on the wagon lest I need to be a contestant on a reality tv weight loss show.
    Where is this fabulous NJ thrift store?
    I am assuming just out of Manhattan...but as someone residing just "down the shore" my inquiring mind is dying to know....

  2. i feel really guilty as i read your post with a glass of sav blanc and the last of my hubby's mini pavlovas for dessert.....i have to say it was the name of your post that intrigued me. i love both avocados and squash. the dinner looked divine (i've just recently discovered haloumi cheese which is perfect for grilling on veggie shish kabobs)...yum yum. but, the bonus of your post is that it also has an outfit! i love that dress. simply divine.


  3. oooh your dinner looks amazing! Gotta give that a try!

    Love this dress too - and I don't think it is too 'booby'. The neckline is high enough to save it :)

  4. i love the shoes. simple and very chic. and your food photos make me hungry every time !!!! :)

  5. Yum. You made a vegetarian dinner look amazing! I can feel the ho-hum in your post and hopefully it doesnt sound hollow over a blog comment, but you look lovely and I adore your passion for food. Keep it up lady!


  6. I get very resentful when I am trying to be healthy, but you made this dish look fab. And girl, that dress is adorable. I didn't think booby at all.

  7. The edging on that dress is adorable. I really like the button too. (I also have a couple dresses/skirts I wear because they are super cute, even though behind my back they yell at everyone "Hey look over here! It's a bubble butt!")
    Also your dinner looks delicious.

  8. great shoes & dress! it was a dress, right? i'm such a veghead.

  9. It's sort of a booby dress [wow, that was a weird way to put it...] but it looks EXCELLENT on you. It's not so much 'HEY LOOK AT MY BOOBS' as it is 'HEY I HAVE BOOBS.' which are two different messages. I understand, though. I am small and have big boobs and anytime I think my clothes draw attention to them it makes me uncomfortable.

    I just said boobs 4 times in 30 seconds. Ugh.

  10. I am in love with your outfit. SO pretty. And as always, the food looks scrumptious!

  11. Sometimes I want to do a veggie or pasta meal, but find I don't feel full afterward. Do you have any tips for making something like these dishes filling - or were you satiated with this one?

  12. LOVE this vintage dress on you..stunning! Pretty sure everything I wear screams "BOOBS"! haha the grass is always greener right?! I'll be opening a vintage shop on etsy soon too, I have a thrifting problem! Dinner looks amazing..and healthy.


  13. I spy super cute shoes and yummy veggies! Your outfit is adorable and your closet looks super enviable :)

  14. Sometimes a meal with just veggies is the best :) I've been a vegetarian for almost a year now and it feels amazing! I recently discovered that I LOVE zucchini.

    I must say that Bibimbap is a must for my Korean roots! Love it, didn't you make a post about it once before?

  15. Hmm, I don't know, I think that dress is pretty cute, and it's not that low cut, so it doesn't seem too boob-showcasing to me. I understand feeling self-conscious about it, though. Before I started seeing photos of myself every day for my blog, I used to wear sexier styles, including low cut tops. But then when I started scrutinizing how I looked, I felt embarrassed about cleavage and how much my boobs were sticking out from the sides of my torso...haha.

    Thanks for the simple veggie preparation tips! I really want to make these dishes now, and it should be so easy since we always have olive oil, garlic and some kind of cheese on hand.

  16. Oooh, your veggies are drool worthy!
    Speaking of lovely things, that dress is fantastic. I can definitely see both your's and Sam's side of the issue but I'm firmly in the camp of it makes you look straight out of a book. You look like a heroine, off to deal with the plot twist.
    I'm glad I got to see your beautiful wedding shoes! And that's so cool you get more than one day's worth of use out of them! You vs. most other brides = You win.

  17. Looove this outfit!! The dress fits you perfectly. Hhaha love how you come up with blog titles..great funny idea! Your pictures are pretty amazing! Love how big they are.. I am a visual person so this is all great to me!

  18. @Norbyah hahaha. don't get me wrong, i'm still drinking wine almost every night. . .just trying to keep it to a glass or so. mini pavlovas? um, airmail?

    i've heard of that cheese! i wish we had a grill - or for that matter, a yard to grill in - i'll have to keep an eye open for it the next time we're somewhere with a barbecue. snag avocado squash if you can! it was fantastic.

    @Eleanor summer is THE WORST because you are constantly surrounded by good food and drink, but also forced to bare your "yeah-i-like-food" belly to all when at the beach. left a comment on your blog with the name & location of the thrift shop - it's actually quite near you, i think!

  19. @Mara thanks lady! have fun camping!

    @Lauren i think we are very much in the same boat. (i just wrote my post for tomorrow in which i say boobs, breasts or some variation several times, so there's no shame in your game.) i think the hardest part is having a small frame and then these knockers that just don't make sense on your body - i generally try to hide them, and it isn't that this dress shows a lot of cleavage or anything, just that it's really fitted in the top which makes the ladies really, um, stand out.

    @Teddi thanks! it is a dress indeed, although it does look like it could be a shirt/skirt combo.

    @Loren thank you! yeah i decided to just embrace it. (and dinner was pretty darn tasty)

    @Chelsea thank you! if you saw the dress from the side you might think differently. . . but i've decided to be okay with it. i hate eating healthy, too, but this was actually really good.

    @Rebeccak i think i've said it a million times now, but it isn't so much that it's CLEAVAGEY as it is just tight and shows how big my chest is when i usually try to hide it. this photo doesn't really reflect that - i think i subconsciously choose photos where my chest looks smaller - but some of the side shots were downright scary IMO.

    @Julia thank you!

    @Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. thank you so much. that really means a lot. i'm loving your blog lately too!

    @cecilia haha, i had to google that to find out what it means! yum yum indeed!

  20. @Vera Elisabeth thank you!

    @Leslie i often have the same problem, but this one actually filled me up - i think the squash was a huge part of that. i could eat tomato salad and zucchini for years and not get full, but this squash is much firmer than any other squash i've had and with the garlic and olive oil it had almost a meat-like quality. i think grilling can help a lot, too - something about the char and the smokey flavor makes things more filling, to me at least. i'll be trying a lot more veggie-centric meals in the coming weeks, so i'll let you know if i come up with any more tips as i do.

    @dear winsome thank you! man, i HEAR that, sister. wish i could trade these things away. let me know when you get your shop up. . . the last thing i need is more vintage, but i doubt i'll be able to resist.

    @Charles thanks so much!

    @soychild. i was vegetarian for several years growing up and while i am now a very contended meat eater, i DO miss the healthy feeling you have as a vegetarian. i hated zucchini too, until i started sauteeing it - something something so simple makes all the difference. and yeah, i love bibimbap! i'm sure i've posted it before - i'll be making plenty more once the weather turns, so i'm sure you'll see it turn up again.

    @Heather, 29 Skirts i think i've said this already in the comments, but i guess it's more how tight-fitting it is to my chest - i usually try to wear something either really high-necked or not form fitting around the top so my boobs aren't quite so prominent. i think my breasts are the first place i gain & lose weight, so when i first started this blog & was skinnier i could wear a lot more - but now a lot of the dresses and tops are downright scandalous. it's a bummer.

    @Rachael you are the sweetest. your blog cracks me up on the daily. thanks so much for always leaving the sweetest, funniest comments. i love it.

    @Lindsay @ Delighted Momma thank you! you're so sweet!

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