Friday, August 5, 2011

big willy style

so, i didn't realize how silly "bra fitting event" would sound. like, yes, because i am going to get a bra, it is an EVENT now. i was actually invited to stop over to the london hotel yesterday for a wacoal event - er, happening? gathering? bra fitting. . . extravaganza? they had experts on hand to size you up and recommend some bras that work best for your figure. i was actually really excited to do this, so i rsvp'd to the event even though i wouldn't know anyone there, which i NEVER do because i am waaay to awkward to be on my own anywhere, much less surrounded by LINGERIE, but i braved the rain and went for it because my chest is a source of constant irritation for me.
and, as it turned out, i've been wearing the wrong size all along. sue, my very sweet and helpful bra expert, measured me and recommended a couple of bras (one of which they are sending to my apartment! full disclosure) and showed me a few things you should look for when fitting - you want it to be good and snug (should fit pretty tightly on the tightest setting) because the elastic will stretch out over time, and that way it'll fit better longer; the wire should go all around your breast tissue, encompassing the whole, um, breast; the little part in the middle should lay flat on your breastbone. i wear a pretty unusual size, and it is usually impossible to find bras in my cup size that are in any way pretty or decorative, but wacoal has lots of colors and designs that are actually really beautiful and rather vintage inspired. i always dress to minimize my chest as much as possible, and it was really helpful to get some tips on how to properly contain my ladies. i'll leave it at that. they did ply me with a glass of white wine, but i wouldn't bother writing about it if i wasn't truly impressed - the bras were beautiful, affordable, and fit INFINITELY better than the victorias secret bras i've been wearing for years. check 'em out.

anyway! after the event i'd been planning on meeting up with some friends for clueless in the park, but it was rained out (and my original plans, that i'd actually forgotten about, with some other friends got rescheduled,) so i just headed home to meet our new couch. it's our first piece of real-live-grown-up furniture, that didn't come from sam's parents or ikea, and i'm pretty enamored.


the pants are some wide-legged rodebjers that i bought on crazy sale about three years ago and never really wore, because they were awkwardly wide and awkwardly short, so i turned 'em into some super skinny pants and like 'em much better this way.

shirt: thrifted
necklace: leif (it looks like they don't carry it anymore, but i did spot something very similar, that must be the same designer, on anthropologie's website recently)
pants: repurposed rodebjer
shoes: thrifted

when i walked in the door, soaking wet, sam announced that he'd gotten a netflix specially for me - a film starring, he said, my favorite actor of all time. i drew a total blank. i'm not really someone who has "favorite celebrities" - i could give you a short list of cute dudes, for sure, but the only actor i've really had a thing for was will smith, way back when i was in middle school. i bought 'big willy style' right when it came out and i'm pretty sure i went as far as to pre-order 'willenium.' i was GOING to say i'd purchased his entire discography, but clearly my fan knowledge has slipped as he apparently was still coming out with albums after i graduated from high school. i can only imagine how fantastic those must be.

so, yeah, he'd rented seven pounds, a slow, meandering, in my opinion downright boring and cliched movie that we couldn't even make it all the way through. it was a sweet gesture, though.

how was your night?

xo audrey


  1. You got the Anson! Such a fine-looking couch! It was that vs. Crate and Barrel Petrie for us. Petrie won in the end.

    Love that necklace too!

  2. you are so funny. i'm glad you benefitted from the bra-fitting extravaganza. bras + jeans are the absolute worst items of clothing to shop for. Oh, and i love this outfit..i would have never known you altered the pants.

  3. i love this posted outfit. nice!

  4. i went to a wacoal event a few months ago here in san francisco and found that i've really, really, really been wearing the absolutely wrong sized bra. so enlightening!

  5. As soon as I read you were going to a bra-fitting event I thought now THAT should generate some good awkward/awesomes. Sounds like it was overall more just 'awesome' though.

    I'm actually pretty interested to hear the tips on how to minimize the ladies cuz that's often a goal of mine. I guess I can see why you didn't include THAT on this post though...

    Those pants are suuuch a luxurious color. I bet they go with everything. And goodness me! that NECKLACE! I just drooled on my keyboard...

    Speaking of keyboards and liquid coming out an orifice, I responded to your comment on my blog but just in case: I thought you should know that you're responsible for coffee almost coming out my nose.

    P.S. Sometimes, I think I'm just gonna name my kid after whatever captcha I see the day they're born.

  6. If I had a baby today, it'd be named 'Wardoman'

  7. The bra fitting event sounds pretty cool! I'd be interested to see what a professional recommended. I realized a couple years ago that I needed to size down on the band and up on the cup (wow, that rhymed, how awesome) and I *think* I have it right now but haven't replaced all my wrong-sized bras yet.

    Those pants look great, and I love the pastel accessories with the primary-colored outfit. The necklace is amazing!

    I haven't seen Seven Pounds, but Jasen was an extra in it. They filmed a scene at the end with a kids choir or something at the Huntington Library, and he played a dad of a kid or kids in the choir (I want to say twin girls...haha).

  8. I love love love your necklace! It's incredible! And oh dear, Seven Pounds. That does not look good :(

  9. Yeah, Seven Pounds was weird, not sure I fully liked it!

    Loving the dressing-room photos!

    Mentioned you in a recent blog post here, thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

    Katie x

  10. ugh..i tried hard to watch that movie, wasn't happening but i love will smith! the event sounds awesome, i need to get my bra situation worked out too. love your necklace and mustard shirt and that couch is amazing with those wood floors. this reminded me that i need to get back to work on the house..more ripping down wallpaper!


  11. i love warcol! last year went to linda the bra lady and had basically the same experience--wearing a very wrong size and then ending up with a much harder to fit one, which places like victoria's secret and macys don't even carry a lot of the time. and most of them are uggggly. warcol is awesome, they're actually pretty and they last forever. such a lifesaver!

    and i love the primary colours mixed with pastels...whenever i try to throw a ton of colours together like that i look like a clown.

  12. Wacoal is my bra brand of choice...I also have an annoying ladies. They are way too present form my 5' so I minimize with all my clothing too. Small secret: you can find them at Filene's Basment and the like for even more reasonable of a price and I highly recommend their lacy strapless bra as it has no padding at all and is fantastic! I actually don't really know how it functions so well.

    Also!!! I don't know if you recall but a million years ago (blog years, probably real time one month) you commented on a tattoo wish of mine, Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. Well, I GOT IT! I'm so in love with it :)

  13. i love the outfit and the necklace is amazing!!! :)

  14. aw fun night! too bad about clueless :(
    i should probably get a real bra fitting, i just did it myself following internet instructions (thx oprah) and i'm a weird size (big 80085, little torso) but since buying the new size i'm way more comfortable, and i h888 looking chesty too. anyway if you havent already heard of it, has really pretty bras in wacky sizes- not an ad, just a tip!
    ps. lol will smith crushes!

  15. @Mary-Kate Hopkinson oooh, yeah, that one's lovely, too. i'm pretty happy with ours.

    @Nuha thank you! the first time around one leg was definitely wider than the other so i had another go and even attempted to make a pattern, a first for me. i TOTALLY agree about bras and jeans! i must have 9 pairs of ill-fitting jeans in my drawers right now. . .

    @Michelle Kendrick Hartney thank you!! it's definitely a conversation starter.

    @Rebecca thank you!

    @Heather yeah - mine was definitely off, but another girl i talked to there said she was off by like 3 cup sizes! it's crazy how much different & better the right one feels.

    @Rachael don't get me wrong, there was definitely some awkward - awesome just won out in the end.

    i'm pretty stoked to take these pants into fall but they're a wool blend and i was DYING all day long. i am a sweaty woman. for real.

    i swear to god, the other day i woke up at like 3 am and saw these comments and then sat awake for 2 more hours, unable to sleep, thinking of awkward/awesomes. which i think qualifies as an awkward/awesome in and of itself. except i can barely remember any of them. awkward.

  16. @The.Red.See thanks so much!

    @Heather, 29 Skirts it's so worth it. i think there is a "bra lady" in socal that you should go see - you don't have to buy anything, she'll just do a proper fitting and help you out. or, if there's a wacoal outlet, that much the better - seriously, i sound like such a shill but if you have bigger breasts it can be SO HARD to find bras that don't look like they're just trying to hide what you have. their bras fit well AND were beautiful and sexy. and they'll fit you for free.

    i can't believe jasen was in that movie!! i feel like such a jerk! in fairness, we didn't manage to finish it. . . maybe that last scene with jasen would have rescued the whole thing.

    @Cosmia thank you!!

    @Katie just commented on your blog, but thank you so so much! what unbelievably sweet words! it really made my day. i literally put my hand to my heart when i was reading. thank you thank you.

    @dear winsome oh man, what kind of wallpaper?? when we get a house i have so many wallpapers i want to put up but everyone i know is ripping theirs down. haha. second thoughts. i'm putting together a package for you asap!

    @Summer i've heard great things about her! and YES - they have such pretty, delicate things unlike the bulky old lady bras that usually come in my size.

    thank you! i think colors are all about the confidence in wearing them, i'm sure you look lovely! YES. i hate that. same problem here. the grass is always greener, eh?

    and PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! i gotta see this thing!

    @Julia thanks dear!

    @hannah, heart city yep! i have the EXACT same problem. i found journelle when i was looking for honeymoon lingerie and got some stuff, but most of it was a leeetle too pricey for me. . . get a fitting! it helps. even just wearing the right size is minimizing.

  17. Love it all, but the bag. That bag! where did you get it. L-O-V-E. Where did u get it?!

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