Friday, August 26, 2011

oh no she di'n't

oh, yes i did.

i'm pretty devil-may-care about my hair. i'll chop it off on a whim after struggling to grow it out for years, and i've never been one to straighten or curl it until it's just so; honestly, my blowdryer fell in the toilet a few months ago and i haven't bothered to replace it. but one thing i've always been to afraid to try? another color.

part of it is that i love being a brunette. i have super thick, very dark hair, and i just never really saw the point in trying to dye it - more trouble than it's worth, i guess. add to that the fact that i'm pretty pale and my dark hair works with my complexion, so why mess with that? well, the kind folks at ARROJO contacted me a couple weeks ago to see if i'd be interested in some complimentary treatments - a cut, perhaps, or a style? i emailed them back that i was flattered to be asked, but my hair was pretty much as short as it could get so it probably wouldn't be worth their time. they offered me a color and i blanched and then thought. . . why the heck not? i've been curious about blonde for years, but would never have taken the plunge (see above re: hair apathy,) but if someone else could tell me what would work AND do it for free? psssh, who am i to say no?


okay. i have to say that i was pretty freaked out at first. having never so much as worn a wig before, looking in the mirror and seeing this golden blonde just seems wrong to me. but after a couple of days with it, i'm starting to kind of enjoy it. it's kind of fun to get to change your look so drastically - i feel like i'm playing a character! getting dressed feels like getting in costume.

top: thrifted
shorts: urban outfitters
belt: asos
shoes: belle by sigerson morrison/madewell

i swear to god i ironed these shorts RIGHT before i put them on. how does that happen?

hurricane irene preparedness: i'm locking up our brooklyn apartment, taking the train up to meet sam in connecticut, crossing my fingers that the rain holds off long enough for us to hit some tag sales tomorrow morning, and making a big family dinner tomorrow evening. what about you guys? freaking out or staying put?

xo audrey


  1. Aaah! It's so CUTE! I've felt much the same way about hair color these last few years - it always seems more trouble than it's worth, and I'm rotten at anything that requires maintenance - but this is so lovely, I just might need to reconsider. I think being blonde will really suit the more mod looks you've been wearing lately beautifully. :)

  2. The hair looks pretty fantastic. :)

  3. i like it! what does the hubby think of it?


  4. Excited to see how you style your new 'do!

  5. wow, super cool! i love it!

    Katie x

  6. Oh, I love it! I've wanted to go blonde for years, too, but I'm not sure how it would look with my skin tone. That, and I've box-dyed my hair darker so the ends still have that dye in them, and going blonde might mean I have to cut some hair off. Which I don't want to do.
    You look darling as a blonde. That color is SO pretty on you!

  7. Ahhh! It looks fabulous! I love it, a great change for you. I'm thinking about you all in NYC and across the East and hoping the Irene cools off!


  8. omg i absolutely LOVE it. it is the perfect shade of blonde for you- and that outfit couldnt be more perfect!

    xxoo (i have an awesome giveaway going on right now!!)

  9. I love this color on you. I was a cronic hair dyer in college for a few semesters because I wanted to try ALL the hair colors. And you're totally right, it's a lot of fun to get new hair it's like you are trying on a whole new personality. I think this was a good use of your offer.

  10. The color looks great on can definitely pull it off! I've never dyed my hair or done anything to it besides cut it, but I've considered going red. I'll probably try that once my grays become more numerous. I hope the hurricane isn't too bad for you guys :-/

  11. completely adore! i was thinking you were say your went marilyn monroe or mia farrow platinum blonde. stay safe!

  12. I like this color! It looks so natural on you! Definitely a yes! :]]

  13. It looks so great on you! Very pretty!

  14. OMG! that blonde color suits you so well! it's just the right shade.....and with the blues/greys you wore, you just look adorable. i love that polka dotted blouse, those shoes.

    i hope this storm isn't as bad as it's cooked up to be. i'm thinking of my two sisters who are holed up (one in brooklyn, the other in the west village). they say the grocery stores are madness.

    thinking of you all.

  15. oooo looks ahhmazing!!! blonde is my dream color that i'll never have haha looks so perfect on you! stay safe!!


  16. keep going! i feel like you could go even blonder - lookin' good :)

    oh, and, has anybody ever told you you look like this fine lady?

    happy hurricane!!

  17. you just rock this new style as well :) looks great on you and i definetely admire your courage for radical changes. regarding Irene: hope you are safe and it will be over soon!

  18. OH wow! You look fantabulous!!! I wasn't surprised to see that you could pull off another hair color... You've already proved 'diversity' is your forte with your wide variety of (all spiffy) clothing styles and hair lengths... why should a color be any different. You apologized for the delay in blog comments but I wanted to say (a) don't apologize, I rarely even expect replies... I'm stoked when I get 'em (whenever that may be) and (b) now I'm a hypocrite cuz I wanted to apologize to YOU for the delay in replies on MY end... we're camping and while we have wifi when we come into town, it's obviously not as regular as usual. Also, STAY SAFE! I heard about the hurricane just yesterday, when I emerged out of the dirt and grunge...

  19. i actually really like it!! but you could never look bad in anything...your attitude is always so fierce, you rock anything!

  20. I hope that all is well:)I love your hair, you look great. really suits you!

  21. hey gurrrl. looking good as ever! and congrats on getting MARRIED! crazy how time flies. i probably haven't seen you in almost 10 years. if only we could all have a reunion in the Dilallas basement...

  22. @the other emily i'm thinking the exact same thing about the 'mod' look, and exactly the same thing about the maintenance - honestly, i'll probably just let it grow out and have it be a one-time experiment. it is really fun to do such a drastic change, though.

    @Heather thank you!

    @urbanrhetoric haha, good question. he was kind of shocked by it at first - he told me i looked like "a computer hacker from the future" - but i *think* he really likes it now.

    @Vanessa thanks! it's a fun twist.

    @Katie thank you!! i'm really starting to love it.

  23. @House of Milk thank you!!

    @Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. thank you! it's pretty fun. thank goodness irene was nothing to write home about, at least where we were. . . wish everyone had been so fortunate.

    @gabrielle thank you! at first i really wanted it to be lighter but i think i'm glad it's a more natural blonde.

    @Lorenthaaaank you! you have no idea how nervous i was, but i'm so glad i took the leap. jealous of your bravery!

    @Heather, 29 Skirts thankfully the hurricane was no big deal where we were. thank you for your sweet words! it is definitely a shock to your brain when you make sucha drastic change - it was for me, at least - but i think red would look really beautiful on you. (and i'm starting to find grey hairs, too.)

  24. @Teddi thank you! i was thinking marilyn blonde when i went in, but i think i'm glad with this more subtle shade.

    @kaylabanana? thank you! to me it still looks totally crazy every time i see it, but i guess my brain will get used to it.

    @jenvegas thank you so much!

    @Norbyah thank you! these shoes are my dream come true. i love them.

    the grocery stores were honestly probably the worst part of it. that or the subways being out. i hope your sisters are safe - it sounded like everyone in NYC made it okay.

    @Michelle Kendrick Hartney thank you!!

  25. @dear winsome babe, i think you would look STUNNING as a blonde. even a blondier blond than i have. you have such lovely features, you could pull anything off! i'd never heard that but i can definitely see the resemblance. . .i love her hair. of course.

    i am thinking about going lighter - i'd had a more platinum blonde in my mind's eye, so i'm thinking i'll give my hair a break for a bit and then try to really go BLONDE blonde.

    @Julia thank you! and thanks for your well wishes!

    @Rachael well DAMN, girl, that's awfully kind of you. in response i say a. i adore your blog and it may take me a few days occasionally to catch up, but catch up i will, b. the last thing on your mind whilst camping should be attempting to comment on my blog and c. sometimes it takes me longer than usual to leave you a comment because i feel a need to be exceptionally clever and/or witty. this is how you make me feel.

  26. @Nuha that is so so sweet of you!! i can certainly look back in my archives and see several looks that i most certainly NOT rock, but i guess all that matters is that i thought i was at the time, haha. thank you so much!

    @mahaila thank you!

    @julia holy shit julia! how is life dude? i see you're a pastry chef too?? we really have some catching up to do. . .

  27. AHhahah! That's the very same reason I take awhile to comment on YOUR blog! I want to really SIT down and absorb it not just flippantly comment for the sake of having something in writing.