Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i'm blue for you

good morning! i'm struggling to form sentences today - last night around 11 i was home, snuggling in bed with a bowl of cereal and my macbook (sam's off on a couple-day-long fishing expedition) when my phone rang. twice. it was a friend of mine, and i am slightly ashamed to say that i didn't want to answer while i was eating cereal (soggy cereal is the worst) so i called him back and was somehow convinced to put on pants and head to the brooklyn inn for a couple of beers. three hours later i was back in bed, but i'm a bit worse for wear.


blouse: c/o loehmann's, via gifted gift card
skirt: thrifted
pin: thrifted
shoes: miu miu, BUT i bought them on ebay for $12. REALLY.
satchel: cambridge satchel company

i was invited to attend an event at loehmann's last week; i hadn't heard of it before attending the event, but it's basically a tj-maxx type place - plenty of variation of expensive designers and more affordable basics, all at a pretty heavily discounted price. i picked out this top because i love the shade - i think royal blue is going to play a big part in my fall wardobe, especially now that it's one of the few shades i feel works well with my new hair color. (unforeseen consequence of dying my hair: where before i really felt like i could wear just about any color, now several favorites completely wash me out; happy trails, mustard yellow, until we meet again.) the kind folks at loehmann's, aside from providing me some great pieces for fall, also let me pick out an accessory to gift my readers; i selected this bag, which i hope you all like. i'm not much of a bag person, but it seemed utilitarian while still being chic; i love the color.


if you'd like this bag for your very own, simply leave me a comment letting me know what fall pieces you're itching to buy. i really want to find a muff to keep my hands warm this winter, but i'll tell ya, googling "muff" is not working out so far. i'll close the contest and announce the winner on tuesday september 6 after the long weekend. good luck!

anyhows, i'll leave you with a recipe that i think i'll be making again and again this fall & winter - chicken pot pie. you can really put whatever veggies you want in here - i used potatoes, carrots & corn because that's what we had, in excess, and i wanted to try to use it up.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
chicken pot pie

1 yellow onion, diced
1 T butter
4 ears steamed corn, kernels cut off the cob
2 potatoes, cut into bite sized pieces
one carrot, peeled (or scrubbed) and cut into bite sized pieces
1 1/2 - 2 cups cooked chicken, torn into bite sized pieces*
1/3 cup flour
1 cup (or more) chicken broth
1 - 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 T thyme leaves
salt & pepper to taste
1 sheet puff pastry dough

*if you don't have already-cooked chicken - again, i made this up mostly as a way to use up leftovers - you can use a breast or two, cut up into smaller pieces, and added in with the potatoes and carrots and cooked until done.

turn the oven to 375. melt butter in a large pan with highish sides; turn heat to medium high, and add onion. sautee until it turns transparent, then add the flour. stir until flour is browned, then slowly add about half the chicken broth, stirring as you go, so it creates a thick gravy. add almost the rest of the broth, then add the potatoes and carrots. add cream - enough to nearly cover the veggies - and cover the pan. uncover and stir occasionally, checking on the vegetables and insuring nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan - if the veggies start to stick, add a bit more chicken broth to release them. once the potatoes and carrots are cooked, remove from heat; the sauce should be good and thick, and everything inside cooked until soft.

stir in corn, thyme, and chicken and dump it all into a casserole dish. salt & pepper. cover the top with the puff pastry, tucking the corners in. bake for about 30-35 minutes, until the puff pastry has totally puffed up and is golden all the way through. i'd stick a sheet pan underneath while baking, just in case - as you can see, mine leaked out the sides a bit. let it cool for 5-10 minutes then enjoy! SO tasty.


xo audrey


  1. I've been shopping for a new bag for fall but haven't found one I like. This one is cute. Love the chicken pot pie too!

  2. I am in love with those shoes- and what an amazing deal. As you can probably guess, I am off to do some bidding! xoxo
    Oh, and I LOVE chicken pot pie. Can't wait to try this.

  3. I am itching to make a fancy feathered indian headdress for fall, to wear into the corn fields while i dance under the harvest moon. If you have any headdress recipes feel free to pass them on.

  4. Oh wow, that dinner looks amazing! Yum!

    I am definitely in need of some new wellies, a light trench jacket, and probably a few more scarves.

  5. Your recipes always make me so hungry! I'm on the chicken pot pie/white bean chili train for fall foods (and any sort of squash or pumpkin recipe).

    Anyhow, I'm itching for a tweed pencil skirt in a muted brown. And that bag is so beautiful!

  6. Love your skirt and cannot believe the price of your Miu Miu's! Bag is nice, I am itching to buy loafer pumps, a new trench, and some pop color pants!

  7. good luck googling "muff" hehe. this fall i am on the hunt for lots of colorful tights and vintage style booties!


  8. I am itching to buy oxford heels to wear to the office with bright tights!

  9. i am itching to buy thick knee high socks in different colours, long comfy cardigans with detailed buttons, colorful scarves and lots of black/darker clothing :) that bag is lovely!

  10. How gorgeous! (both the pot pie and the bag...)

    I'm on the lookout for another pair of flat oxfords, since I wore out my last cheap pair this spring. And black flat boots (for the same reason).

  11. Speaking of mustard yellow, I'm itching to get my hands on a mustard yellow skirt to pair with my oxfords this autumn :)

  12. I am on the lookout for new brown leather boots and colorful sweater tights!

    ninarucker at gmail dot com

  13. The color of your shirt is great, and I love the skirt! I've been looking for the perfect houndstooth skirt for over a year and still haven't found the right one. So I guess that could be something I'm trying to find for fall. I also really would like to find a mustard blouse and/or rust blouse and some wide-leg jeans.

    The pot pie recipe looks sooo good. And versatile and easy! I definitely want to try it once the weather gets cooler here!

  14. I'm desperate to get a couple of silky, printed blouses, to wear with pencil skirts to work or with jeans on the weekend. (Like this one at H&M

    Also, will definitely try the chicken pot pie, you've almost cured my end of summer blues!

  15. haha your story about getting out of bed - i love making that snap decision & deciding to get dressed again, it can sometimes lead to the best unplanned, fun nights!

    for fall, i'm itching to buy some cat-eye sunglasses to wear with a fur-lined hooded parka coat & some scuffed black boots with gold studs (like chiara ferragini's new line..) one can but dream..

    Katie x

  16. The pot pie looks delicious but what is truly amazing is the deal you got on those Miu Miu shoes! $12, really? You are my heroine!

  17. There are so many things I've been wanting to buy, but the ones I might splurge on are a pair of toms and a pink plaid trench coat. Yes, I said it. A pink plaid trench coat. I know it sounds hideous, but the instant I saw it, I fell in love:

    Anyways, I also want a pair of Toms because, although they have a rep for not lasting long enough, they seem SO warm and cozy, perfect for a chilly fall day. I can't decide whether or not to get them... we'll see.

  18. Love that yellow satchel and the vintage enamel brooch, the royal looks gorgeous with your new color! Great choice on the brown satchel, it's a great nuetral piece everyone needs for fall. I'm loving flared jeans,pussy bow blouses, and rich colors and textures for fall! Need to make that pot pie asap, looks delish as usual!
    I totally just thrifted a vintage white rabbit fur muff that I love, usually don't do any kind of fur but it was too perfect and bunny baxter thinks it's okay since it's vintage haha


  19. I love that bag! I have been looking for a bag just it for fall. Yay! Fingers crossed that luck is on my side :)

    Other things I hope to purchase this fall are a cute raincoat, new boots, one or two frumpy sweaters for lazy days, and lots of tights!

    I am so making that chicken pot pie on the first slightly cool day we have.

  20. i can't believe you got those miu miu shoes for $12. sometimes ebay is worth the time.

  21. white patent leather creeper shoes is where it's at for fall. paired with knee high socks and i'll be on my game. have you tried a frosted light pink lipstick with your new haircolor? i think the colors would work really well together :D

  22. A cape! And possibly some new docs... I wish. So much.
    P.S Your hair is ace.

  23. That is a be-a-u-tiful pie! My goodness. I am stoked on restocking my shoe closet this fall!

  24. i am loving everything about this post. royal blue is huge in my wardrobe, too. can't wait to wear this new dress i got from fancy treehouse (it's in the mail)....LOVE the bag. hmmm, fall items. my sister got these cute loafers with a stacked heel. LOVE them....and i'm a sucker for shoes. i'm also looking for a slouchy cardigan, though i can't decide if i'll get a camel one or this cool forest green one i saw. finally, i think i'm keeping my eyes out for a jeweled collar like the one i just saw on the man repeller.

  25. I love the color of your top! It does look great with your hair :D I would totally post fall items but we don't get fall here in the Philippines :D

  26. nice shoes! I'll be looking for a nice pair of black chelsea boots

  27. Hey Lady, I'm in desperate need of a new pair of boots. I just moved to California and I have no idea what these people wear in their fall and winter. I'm guessing I'll do the dress with tights and boots thing until I figure it out. Also the hair color looks great, I went red but it was a little to brassy for me.

    Also I had a macaroon for the first time last weekend, AMAZING :)

  28. That crust looks divine - enough that not fitting into my fall aspirational "must-haves" would be tolerable, for a few days!

    2011 NY Fall needs...

    high waisted dark denim pants
    anything in camel
    Ann Taylor's "Elsa" Jacket in navy... the little leather mix in is excellent!

    ** HAND muff seems to turn up less X-rated searches :)

  29. i'm totally set on nabbing a "london coat" from emersonmade's fall line... i love the black and white contrast!

  30. yay giveaway! i am looking for a comfy (but not cheesy) short shearling leather jacket or a short fall trench coat. i bike everywhere and can't have my jacket flapping around.

    i also just started cooking with puff pastry and made a lady snack for a bachelorette party last Saturday. see pic on left hee hee!

  31. Polka dots! I, for one, am excited to see them making a comeback for fall. I'd love to get my hands on some polka dot tights. And that chicken pot pie looks amazing!

  32. there are a lot of girls itching in these comments

  33. My fall wish-list is kind-of boring:
    1 - knee high brown boots
    2 - a mustard yellow cardigan. I've been searching the thrift stores FOREVER for the perfect cardigan in the perfect mustard without luck, but I'm going to make it happen this autumn. I might have to suck it up and buy something non-thrifted.

  34. fall fashions i'm dying for? an oversized sweater that doesn't make me look like jabba the hut, more opaque tights, another pair of justin boots, and a gaggle of big, bold jewelry!

  35. Ah yes… matching clothes to your hair color. Last fall, I got a hairclip I liked but it kinda blended in with my hair. But I liked it SOOO MUCH I dyed red over my brown to make the clip pop. That's a new level for me. I had bright orange hair for 4 years but, for better or worse, I didn't care about what looked good/matched so I wore everything.
    How do you get invited to so many cool events?
    Um, I really like that bag. And I'm not normally into bags. So I'd like to be considered in the running. For fall, I'd like to find an oversized knit sweater. Oh and some flannel shirts to layer for warmth (since it wont be so cold where I'll be).
    MMmmmmm… Yet another meat dish that's making me drool. Mayhaps I will make this veggie style on a cold(ish) fall evening.

  36. The crust on that pot pie looks amaaazing. The bag you picked is beautiful! For fall, I'm looking for a pair of high-waisted jeans and some colorful/patterned tights.

  37. living in san francisco means that while the rest of the country is gearing up for fall, we're FINALLY starting to get summer weather. it's completely batty. so instead of looking for boots i'm scouring the thrift stores for summer dresses. sigh.

  38. MMmmmm pie, man I love autumn (I mean fall ;))

    Things I'm looking for this season:

    A pair of black silk pants
    A faux fur wrap to wear over my coat
    Patterned knit tights
    Shoe-boots but I'm not sure of the proper name for them so no luck Googling :(

    I definitely saw a muff on sale recently but it was in London I'm afraid!

  39. That bag looks dreamy! please pick me!

  40. I'm on the hunt for some leopard print flats, black skinny jeans, and a fall hat! Love this purse as well!

  41. I'm on the hunt for maxi dresses and a nice trench for fall.

  42. I need a new pair of fall/winter boots, and have been looking for a largish utilitarian bag that can hold notebooks (grad student) and my daily random haul. Love this bag here, and I agree - the color is great!

  43. I'm actually heading into Spring, but I wear the same clothes year-round with tights etc, so..right now I'm after a scalloped dress on Etsy, a pair of super-high cognac Swedish Hasbeens and a chunky mustard scarf.

    Ps I'm so in love with your outfit - so in love!

  44. Oh that bag is divine- great pick! For fall, I am itching to invest in some leather black healed boots, wine colored 20s-inspired lipstick, and some pretty winter floral dresses.

  45. Yum, that pie looks so good! For fall I'm lusting after some black suede booties, and a black leather jacket. Sounds like a tired rock n roll cliche haha.

  46. bahahahahahahaha, i bet googling muff is not attractive. hmmmm, tough what accessory am i itching for fall? a pair of trousers...i work in an field where i can wear leather shorts, my pj's or a prom dress...really anything goes, but i'd like a pair of good trousers with tapered ankles :D, mom/harem style! hair!!!! i love it! your outfit is fantastic...can not believe the steal of those shoes!!

  47. I'm looking forward to buying lots of colored tights and a sweater dress in coffee color. Also - red coat. I want to knit some stuff too, but I don't think it counts))
    Thanks for this great giveaway)

  48. Muff! I bought one last year in the middle of moving and somehow lost it! I was so sad because it was vintage and was so soft and warm. I'm not a huge mittens person because I don't like taking them on and off but a muff you can easily slip one or two hands our of! So I am still looking to replace mine from last year, but am also looking for some silk shirts for styling like a boy or super girly.

    Good luck with the muff search! (couldn't help it)

  49. I can't believe that you got those Miu Miu's for that cheap! So awesome!

    For Fall, I'm wanting some jewel tone silky shirts, a perfect pair of black Audrey Hepburn-esque cropped pants, and a pair of ankle motorcycle boots.

  50. Incidentally, I am not entering for the bag, I just wanted to comment on the idea of someone googling 'muff' and getting less than fashionable results. I Laughed [out loud] for like...17 seconds, which is a long time to laugh out loud. Awesome. Also, I'm thinking about making a faux chicken pot pie because I have some Morningstar Grillers or something like that and it's the only fake chicken I enjoy and yeah it might be awesome.

    Lauren @ See Parrot

  51. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey... I have to know. How do you do this magic in the kitchen? Your pics of food make me feel the need to brave the grocery store this weekend. Ok, listen. Grocery store + labor day weekend + west texas = NIGHTMARE. Your cooking is so inspirational. Are you self-taught? I need to go back and read from the beginning. Just curious...are you a chef for a living? EVERYTHING YOU MAKE looks absolutely incredible. Seriously.
    Ok. Onto fall needs. :) After losing a great deal of weight... (165 lbs)... i am desperately wanting to start wearing heels. I'm on the hunt for a pair of camel color oxfordish heels and a matchy matchy bag. Obviously, this bag would be ideal. I'm a 2nd grade teacher and i am constantly carrying school "stuff" in my bag and the size and look of this is perfect! Keep up the amazing posts.. like i said, they are so inspirational! You're adorable!

  52. I'm dying for some silk blouses for the upcoming seasons. I just gots to keep my eyes out at the thrift stores.

    And I love that bag! Just lovely. :)

  53. Wow, that pot pie will be haunting my dreams tonight! For fall, I need boots and a really great pair of dark blue jeans (which I don't own...crazy?) I'm also in the need of a lightweight trench. And that amazing bag! :)

  54. Love that blue! Actually pulled out a very similar outfit for work on Friday. Crazy.
    This fall I'm itching for tall lace up boots in a worn camel color and a tomato orange huge knitted scarf that I can wrap around my whole body.

  55. i can't wait to buy some boots!

  56. new loafers... bonus points if they don't soak through within ten seconds of being in the rain like my current ones!