Thursday, August 4, 2011

two become one

last night i went straight from work to meet a friend at a bar, where i proceeded to break my one-drink-per-weeknight rule with three heffeweissens over a 2 hour period. it was good fun, though, and before i collapsed into bed i managed to snap a few photos of my outfit.


this blouse was part of a swap i did with hannah, like, months ago. i loved this blouse when i saw it in her shop, but in real life it is so hard to wear - cropped, sheer, and tight, i couldn't figure out how to style the thing without looking like a hussy. until yesterday! when i paired it with another "problem piece" - this dress that just doesn't fit quite right - and actually liked the result. the boobs look weird, to be sure, and i'll probably end up sending this one off to my little sister, but i think i've at least figured out how to wear this gorgeous blouse - underneath things. i know - i'm going to start working on a cure for cancer next.

blouse: swapped with hannah from heart city
dress: j crew
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: rachel comey (similar here)

and now for a little label love: vivetta. i'm not sure how i hadn't stumbled across this designer before - i think this is probably my dream collection. it reminds me a bit of peter jensen or dear creatures but with an extra dose of quirk and a little more attention to detail. the fall '11 line is supposed to be online any day now; i, for one, am watching like a hawk.


if i were that model, i'd looked a hell of a lot more psyched to be in those precious clothes. just sayin'.

tonight i'm headed up to midtown for a bra fitting event (which i'm actually really excited about, even as i anticipate the awkwardness) and then heading to williamsburg to watch 'clueless' in mccarren park. {she could be a farmer in those clothes!}

xo audrey


  1. So cute! I love the color of the dress and the ruffles on the blouse!

  2. the blouse looks so great under the dress! better than a cure for cancer indeed.
    and clueless in the park?! i'm so jelly.

  3. Good idea with the blouse. It inspired me to go back through and try some of those off pieces in a new way. And that coat with the huge leopard collar- divine! xoxo

  4. Ok, now I feel weird commenting about boobs 2 days in a row, but- what is a bra fitting EVENT? I mean for me, just buying a bra is an event. Also, the dress coupled with the shirt is fantastic.

  5. she could be a princess in those clothes. i want.

  6. I love that blouse! It's so delicate and pretty. I hate it when you get garments that you absolutely love,but don't know quite how to wear them. So annoying. At least you figured it out! And you looked adorable.
    I'm waiting breathlessly to find out your cure for cancer now. ;)

    And oh my goodness, I love the collection! Especially the blue dress.
    I always found it odd how serious and glum most models are in photoshoots. I mean, it's probably the direction of the photographer, but still. Happy smiling models make me want to buy the clothes more than models that look like they're about to go to a funeral.

    Good luck on your bra-fitting! (event?) When I had my bra fitted, it was nowhere near as awkward as I thought it would be. Other than trying to figure out how to get away from the dressing room afterward because the attendant just kept bringing more and more bras.

  7. love youre style,
    you got a great blog!
    maybe you wanna follow me?

  8. That "cure for cancer" comment cracked me up...I know, I feel so ridiculous sometimes raving about my outfit solutions. That blouse is REALLY pretty though, so it's great that you finally got to wear it!

    The Vivetta collection looks amazing. I think my favorite piece is the dress in the center of the bottom row that looks like it has a velvet bow. A velvet bow!! So cute!

  9. Oh, so cute blouse! Looks good with the dress!

  10. I love the blouse under the dress, very fresh idea. The blues go great together!


  11. that 3rd photo of you cracks me up..maybe it's the stance, or the "feelin good" face haha!
    love that frilly powder blue blouse, great job styling it! so in love with the new collection, i want every piece and i'm sure my face would be off the charts smiley wearing any of these lovelies. omg..clueless at the park sounds like so much fun..wish i lived in ny!


  12. omg!! the top is stunnigly gorgeous!! and love how u paired with that dress!!

  13. these clothes give me serious alice in wonderland vibes in the best way. and the skirt in the upper right photo totally looks like totoro! i'm with you on the model...if i were wearing a totoro skirt i'd probably be smiling if not laughing out loud.

  14. Ooooh, problem piece + problem piece = spunky new getup. You're a genius. A SHEER genius. Har.

    I LOVED the drunk history feature (notice, I'm not touching the where-does-the-apostrophe-go? dilemma with a 10 foot pole). Have you seen the European History skits from the Whitest Kids You Know? If not, start with WKUK 1620.
    One of the best times of my life was a recent neuroscience conference I went to because it's as if all the 'Puns use back door' signs are taken down or something. Maybe it's because we all are so nerdy, we have no reputation to try to spare but the awful/amazing puns rolled as freely as heads in the French revolution. I haven't met ANYONE else who enjoys my love of puns as much as me, so an IRL meetup to pun it up? Yes plz! Given the current humidity of where you are, I'll play hostess in San Diego. Whatcha doin' tomorrow?

    Oh crap... I'm now that person who reached the end of the answering machine by talking so much....

  15. Oh, I have a few tops that cause me headache - to short, too tight or too transparent. So
    I love your remedy - definitelly gonna try it on a white lace cropped top))) Thank you/

  16. I have that same dress from jcrew but in orange and after sitting in my closet a few months (darn you jcrew 30 day return policy!) I finally forced myself to wear it this weekend, with a button down over it and tied at the waist. Pretty dress, just hard to wear! I'll definitely have to try a top under it :)