Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yesterday, today

i took photos yesterday but didn't have time to post them, somehow, even though i was here until 8:00. today i have a big test for class so i am getting this out of the way now and going to try to study for a little while before tackling some expense reports. huzzah work!


dog: watson, a have boston have frenchie belonging to huy, who i work with. SO SWEET. it's love.
shirt: gap circa 1999
skirt: american apparel
belt: anthropologie
leggings (under tights): american apparel
tights: anthropologie
boots: vintage, etsy

dress: american apparel
jacket: vintage, thrifted
belt: vintage, mom's
necklace: gift from rachel
leggings: american apparel
tights: anthropologie
shoes: DSW

currently listening to: holy dances, by beach house
it is ethereal.

xo audrey


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