Monday, January 26, 2009

monday, monday

good morning everyone!

hope everyone had a good weekend. i am actually kind of relieved it is over. it was a fun weekend, don't get me wrong, but very late-night and alcohol-filled, and i'm happy to go back to work and school and maybe, hopefully, get a decent night's sleep or two.

i spent last night, by far the quietest of the three, in queens at my friends chris and john's apartment. i made us meatballs, john made sauce, and i brought some pastry from last week's class (a jalousie, which is puff pastry with almond cream and a raspberry/apple compote inside, if you were wondering) and the three of us along with a few other friends sat around and ate and ate and drank wine and beer and coffee and smoked and it was lovely. i sat and sewed a glove to a shirt; i lost one of my gloves a month or two ago, and they were really gorgeous gloves so i've been trying to figure out what i could do with it: it's a little odd, but here it is!

shirt: american apparel, glove is from filene's basement. i just cut it along the seams to make two gloves and sewed it on by hand.
pants: anthropologie

i guess that's really it today. i'll probably hop over to the other blog and gab about my weekend there. highlights: dancing at black betty! sleeping on my doorstep at 5:00 am! drinking two jugs of wine at lodge and falling asleep on jared! stay tuned!

xo audrey

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