Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my eyebrows are beginning to resemble caterpillars

but i can't find my tweezers anywhere. so i think maybe i'll just work on a brooke shields in the 80s thing. until i find the tweezers, at least.

had a long and lovely weekend. lots of sleeping and probably too much drinking. i know a bunch of people that have quit smoking/ are taking a drinking hiatus for the new year, and i wish i wanted to do that badly enough to do it. . . i just don't.

anywaaaays, i took up a new hobby this weekend: creweling. it is similar to embroidery but there are a bunch of different stitches you can use, and it's a bit more free-form. i creweled a shirt and have started on a skirt, and even though it is totally dorky, i really like the way they are turning out. i'll wear the shirt tomorrow and show ya.

until then, pretty tame today:

dress: forever 21
sweater: gap
belt: anthropologie
tights: am apparel
shoes: thrifted in chicago (erika was there!)
necklace: belonged to my mama

and my tattoo has healed at last! it is still such a novelty to me. i like.

class tonight for the first time since friday! we are making chocolate puff pastry. oh! and i broke down and ordered a digital camera. i was able to get what i think and hope is a really good one for a little over $100 on amazon - an 8.1 megapixel panasonic lumix with a leica lens. actually, if anyone reading this knows anything about cameras, please tell me if this was a good decision or not. it was rather impulsive.

happy hump day! i hope everyone caught at least a few minutes of the inaugural parade last night. it was maybe the most joyful thing i've ever seen.

xo audrey


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