Thursday, January 8, 2009

on this day i wear pajamas

my dad sometimes pronounces them pie-amas. anyways.

is it just me or has this week back to work been ROUGH?! i don't know if my sleep schedule is just off from being on vacation/traveling for the last couple of weeks, but waking up has been damn near impossible. today i woke up 15 minutes before i have to be at work - and it was the most time i've had to get ready all week. i am a scummo.

as such, i wore my pajama top to work today. that's right, i snuck a bra and some deodorant under the sleeves, slipped on a ring and some wide-leg pants and went in to work. i am comfortable, though. boy am i.

shirt: pjs by victorias secret
pants: anthropologie
boots: irregular choice
ring: forever 21

one more style blog to leave you with today: sea of shoes. this is a 16 year old girl who lives in texas and whose parents must make a bajillion dollars a year. everything she wears is designer therefore completely unattainable, but fun to look at. an example:

notable: she goes to a private school, and has to wear a uniform, so i guess she only gets to wear her fabulous clothes in the free-minutes zone of nights and weekends.

xo audrey

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  1. oh no. i am now completely addicted to that rich child's blog. i am in awe that she even exists. at 16, my fanciest clothes came from JC Penneys...special occasions only!