Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'll show you how i cook up summer in the winterrr

by wearing short shorts in january! and peep toed shoes! and short sleeved shirts! the truth of the matter is i simply do not own enough practical/warm clothing to dress for the winter, so i just layer coats and tights on and change shoes once i arrive at work. so although i may look like i am dressed unreasonably, i am perfectly warm on my walk to work, aided of course by my dance moves as i have been listening to the go! team for the last 12 hours, and they make me shake. not in a cold way.

we have a research project for school - and i am a total nerd, because i am actually really excited about it. i can't remember the last time i had HOMEWORK! i have to write a one-page paper about a fruit, and give a 5 minute presentation on it. i decided to do the miracle fruit, and i ordered a bunch of pills today so everyone can try it as part of my talk. i hope they come in time. i wonder if the chef will let me serve everyone guinness. if you haven't tried this "miracle fruit," you really must. it basically temporarily changes your tastebuds (how exactly is still not known) so that sour tastes sweet - for example, if you eat the berry and then bite a lemon, it tastes like the sweetest lemonade you've ever tasted. granny smith apples are almost TOO sweet. guinness tastes like a chocolate milkshake. etc.

speaking of school, i had another test yesterday; i can't be totally sure how i did, but i feel really good about it. i love life right now. going to school is the best thing i've done for myself in recent (or heck, even distant) memory.


yes, i am horrifyingly pale. yes, i have red wine lips that won't quit (unless, i suppose, i stop drinking red wine. never!) yes, the picture is blurry. i'm sorry. i kind of phoned it in this morning.

shirt: anthropologie. actually a gift to my mom that she felt was too "young" for her. oops, and yay.
belt: thrifted from salvation army
shorts: american apparel
tights: mom's old jazzercise tights
shoes: payless

hope everyone has a lovely thursday. i'm taking part in a photo shoot this evening to be in glasses glasses, my roommate's beautiful online magazine. the theme of the new issue is "his and hers."

xo audrey


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