Wednesday, January 7, 2009

girls in dresses

again, nothing new today - i altered a shirt yesterday, making it a v-neck and adding some ruffles, but when i tried it on this morning it looked RIDICULOUS. it needs some more work. hopefully it will be wearable soon. i am going for something like this:

this is from what is probably favorite fashion blog these days, garance doré. many of the entries are written in french, but it really doesn't matter; this blog makes france out to be a nation inhabited entirely by well-dressed, perfectly coiffed and glowing-skinned models.

instead of new things, here are some dress-up photos from my trip to chicago. dee took most of the photos, although i took the ones of her and ness.

erika and vanessa play dress up in my dresses

dee and vanessa get ready for new years


that's all for now. . .

xo audrey


  1. This is so weird that you mentioned this: I know the guy who edits the garance dore blog...I think he's one of the french to english translators! He's a cool kid, a year younger than me. I should ask him how he knows that lady...he lived in france for a while, so I think he must have met her!

  2. no kidding? that is quite the coincidence. how is china? the pictures i glimpse on facebook are so lovely. . .