Friday, April 22, 2011

les queues de sardines

well, yesterday i woke up too late to take photos, and today i had my tripod all set and realized that my camera had been switched to 'on' all night long and, subsequently, died. so once again no outfit today; and i ate leftover chinese food, so no food post, either. what i DO have is this incredible tights brand that an old friend from chicago sent me over the weekend and i have been ogling ever since.

they are hard to find in the states; the websites that carry them here only seem to carry a style or two, and those are often sold out. your best bet, i think, is to check out enigmatic smile - they're based in the UK but have free international shipping, so you may be able to convince yourself it's a reasonable idea.

have a wonderful friday, and enjoy your weekend! sam and i plan on stealing away to connecticut to meet with wedding vendors and relax in the comfort of a real house, complete with tv and washer/dryer. what are you guys doing, anything exciting?

until next time,

xo audrey


  1. I fell in love with these on the Fashion Police site a while back and found a lot of cool screen printed tights and leggings on etsy!
    have a lovely easter weekend!

  2. Hahahah yes I love this brand they are so fun. I reckon you'de kick ass wearing htem though

  3. OH MY!!! I can not wait to see which ones you got! They are all fantastic, I can't even pick a fave.

  4. Oh yay! I am obsessed with tights - seriously cannot get enough of them this spring. Thanks for this post! I love how creative these are!! I'm gonna have to convince my fiance to screen print a few pairs for myself :)