Friday, April 29, 2011

tiger stripes

good morning! happy friday! it's been a long time coming. i'd had lofty plans to attend an event last night, but sometime around noon my teeth started hurting. real bad. now, i've had this before - i'm 25 and my wisdom teeth are still dwelling somewhere deep within my gums, and i've long clung to the fact that i have room in my mouth for mine and shouldn't have to have them removed (information imparted on me when i was about 12 by a backwoods south carolinian dentist.) i suspect he was incorrect. what started out as an annoyance became a throbbing pain so intense that i was begging sam to hit me in the face hard enough to knock a tooth or two out. (to his credit, he demurred.) needless to say i skipped the event in favor of pumping myself full of ibuprofen and relishing every bite of mango italian ices. it wasn't very glamorous, but it wasn't too terrible, either.

so this morning it was a little hard to drag myself out of bed. it's been growing increasingly hot in my apartment, too - an apartment that is so hot even in december that i wear t shirts and shorts inside. so the glisten in these photographs is no photoshop trick; it's sweat, pure and simple.


shirt: j crew
shorts: asos
belt: asos
tights: hue
sandals: j crew
tiger pin: thrifted, a gift from sam

sam has gotten really, really good at picking out little gems like this brooch for me while he's out of town; it is not only awesome but also quite impressive. i've never known a guy who could pinpoint my weirdo taste in jewelry. yep, he's a keeper.

any big plans for the weekend? sam and i are heading up to boston, to attempt entry into the beer and bacon fest and attend the going away party of a good friend (and groomsman.) should be good times.

enjoy your weekend! also, i wasn't so sure about tumblr at first, but i'm pretty much addicted to it now. should you want to follow me, you can do so here.

xo audrey

**edit: i just realized the whole name of this post was incorrect. that is not a cheetah. it is a tiger. i need to review my big cats.


  1. That brooch is really nice... I hope you & your wisdom teeth will be better, last year I my face was like a blowfish!!!
    And I envy your vinyl collection sooooooo much!!!!

    Xxx from Spain!! :D

  2. Cute! Such a pretty top, and I LOVE the tiger pin!

  3. I hope your teeth will get better soon! It can be so annoying! And your top is really cute :)

  4. Th brooch is super cool, especially with the delicate blouse!

  5. You are so freaking gorgeous i cant take it!!! And ps. can we please have a sleepover soon in teh BK? And then I will dress myself in all your bright fun colors!! xo, Kim

  6. That brooch is Awesome! I Love your hair again today. You have a knack for styling hair. I hope your teeth feel better soon.

  7. sorry to hear about your tooth. i'm the same way! i dont want to get mine out but sometimes i get the pain. oh well, ce la vie! stay cool, girl!

    i wander, i wonder

  8. pretty photos! I love your tiger pin :)

  9. Oh no not wisdom teeth! They are gonna have to go and I'm no dentist. You'll be so glad when they're gone and you won't miss anymore wonderful nights out anymore. I hope you enjoy Boston, I'd love to visit that city and it sounds like you have a fab weekend lined up. What an enormous record collection! I adore your shorts and tights and what a gorgeous brooch:)) xo

  10. i like your shorts. perfect for the spring weather now!
    your blog is lovely. :)

  11. Audrey, your, shall I call them, photo essays, have always been eye-catching and charming. But these recent ones could be in magazines. Are you still taking them yourself or have been getting help from someone (Sam)? ♥

  12. Amazing outfit hun! love your shorts!!
    Xoxo, K.

  13. Lovely outfit, especially the blouse! And a beer and bacon fest sounds like heaven.

  14. BEER AND BACON FEST??!? Hot damn that sounds awesome.

    I have also been just loving your pictures lately. Your hair looks so demure! :)

  15. Like those red capris.. Perfect for spring :)

  16. the pin is great with your j crew top! lovely blog :) hope you had a nice weekend.

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