Friday, April 15, 2011

bagel friday.


hallelujah. friday at last. after office breakfast was such a hit last week, i'd planned on making mexican breakfast this morning; but we are having a going-away party this evening, catered with spanish food, so i decided to keep it simple and stopped off instead at bergen bagels on the way to work and grabbed a baker's dozen. (brooklynites: best bagels in the city. really.) i sliced up some red onion and cherry tomatoes (which i'd been stashing to make a pico de gallo) and picked up some lox, and voila! perfect friday breakfast.

taking all my outfit photos inside allows me the luxury of showing the outfit under the coat, but with winter winding down (fingers crossed) i thought i'd post one with the overcoat on.


i scored this vintage london fog trench at the brooklyn flea over the winter, and it has since sprung a couple of giant holes, one in each pocket; i wear it too often to take the time to sew them up, so i have to remind myself not to put any valuables in my pockets while wearing it. i'm kind of dumb that way.

trench coat: vintage, flea market
shirt: thrifted
necklace: thrifted
pants: on SUPER CRAZY j crew sale (check it out, y'all.)
socks: j crew outlet
shoes: c/o seychelles

i'm lucky to work in an office where i can basically wear whatever i want, but this shirt always makes me feel like such a business woman. it's got a little peter pan collar and i pretty much just want to wear it all the time. one of my favorite thrifted finds in a while.

all right! i'm going to get some work done and get ready for my night of tapas-scarfing and sam-snuggling.

placecard debate update: i'm thinking about the sugar cookie idea again. i keep hearing no one ever takes their favors home, and this seems like a good solution.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. Love the trench, the necklace, and the shoes! Can I borrow them? I'm also hungry after seeing that yummy bagel. I've got to grab some lunch. Love your blog, I'm a new follower of yours. TGIF.... Have a great weekend.

  2. I totally love your trench and the necklace is just stunning! grat post darling...enjoy your weekend!

    ps. I would like to invite you to my giveaway.


  3. That bagel looks so good! I really need some dinner right now!
    Have a nice evening of snuggling! Thought that was a very sweet phrase you used

  4. That is the perfect trench! That bagel looks Fabulous! I now have a new breakfast idea : ) That necklace is also really gorgeous! I love the pop of color.

  5. When did you get those gorgeous shoes? Are they new Seychelles?

  6. beautiful outfit! the red necklace against that blue top is so eye-catching!

  7. Great trench! I also like how the colour of the trousers and the socks match.

    I'm new to your blog, but I will definitely come back for more browsing! :)

  8. cute)

  9. Great outfit! My favorite part is the necklace.

  10. The problem with homemade favors comes when you spend so much work to make them all look great and then some people leave them or don't care about them. I had monogrammed sugar cookies for my favors and there were some people taking more than their share. Four years later, people still tell me how much they loved them. Go for the cookies!

  11. hmm, i never heard that people don't take their favors home. we got pint glasses made with our names/wedding dates on them and left them at the table (we're big beer drinkers, as are our friends). i made little cards that went on the edge of the glasses saying thanks for coming, etc. and clipped them on with mini clothespins. i don't think anyone left theirs! you can see them here, if you want:

  12. @veronika, tick tock vintage. veronika, your wedding is SO beautiful! you look absolutely stunning in that dress. kind of making me wish i'd picked a long one instead of the short dress i ended up going with. . .

    i left this huge gushy paragraph on your blog just now, but i think i've decided to just do the succulents - sam likes them, they'll be easy, and i'm doing enough little handmade side projects that i feel like i can let myself off easier on this one.

    xo audrey

  13. @Ana was almost 100% on the sugar cookies, but when i talked to sam about it, his vote was for plants of some kind, so we are going to go with succulents - being a pastry chef, my menu is so dessert heavy already, no one will be wanting for sweets!

  14. @AGR i'm sorry to say they are old seychelles - about two years at this point. i just checked the site and they have lots of cute stuff. . . but not these. :-(