Thursday, April 28, 2011

beehives and houndsteeth

good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on where you may be! i am sipping my cold cup of coffee and lamenting that it's already past noon in new york. how did that happen? i guess a flurry of office work this morning made the early hours fly by.

anyhow, how was everyone's wednesday? i came home and sam had picked up a bunch of veggies, so i decided to use the leftover pork from the scotch eggs and make some bibimbap. we both loooove korean food - we have our place that we go to up in midtown that's so popular the line goes all around the walls of the place, and there's a little intense woman who comes around and takes your order while you're still waiting to be seated. their bibimbap puts mine to shame, but i have to say, it wasn't half bad.


i've been making us juices to go along with dinner this week; i came to the startling realization that i drink alcohol nearly every night, be it a glass of wine with dinner or a beer when i get home. i'm making a conscious effort to cut that out. it can't be healthy.

and today! i've had these pants for some time now, but their length is such that they really have to be worn with flats, and i really only have flats in the form of sandals, so i've been saving them for warmer days. (i do wear them around the house a lot, because they're so comfortable, so they've actually been dry cleaned TWICE before i've worn them in public. i'm a spaz that way.)


shirt: j crew
pants: asos
scarf: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: cole haan outlet

the new york times had a tutorial a few months ago on how to do the beehive; now that they have a pay-wall, though, it seems to be unaccessible. there are plenty of youtubers, i'm sure, who can guide you through it.

back to the grind for me!

xo audrey


  1. I just found your blog today and holy smokes you are SO CUTE!!! Grrr! Love it!! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend! xo!

  2. That food looks Wonderful! I Love your hair and your scarf is Gorgeous. Thanks again for the Kohls card. I used it last night and posted my haul on my blog. I am now a Kohls shopper for life.

  3. I need to come to your house for dinner! You make the best looking food! Loving those pants and scarf!
    Hot Pink Day

  4. I haven't had juice in forever.. well, other than orange juice. I drink far too much of that sweet nectar.

    I love this shoot, and I adore your beehive!
    I hope your week is lovely! xo

  5. Oooh the greens look so succulent in the bowl!! I would wolf that meal down in a flash, it looks soooo good. I'm sure it must be healthy to take a break from alcohol once in a while, you liver will love you. I utterly adore your scarf with those pants and the beehive - oh my, delish!!! xo

  6. Just found your blog! I love all of it and your last look is so amazing and retro.


  7. do you mind sharing the name of the amazing Korean place?

  8. a glass of wine/day is proven to make your heart healthier! drink away...

  9. Your hair looks so cute! I may try the hive someday. I especially love your pants. They finally made their debut!

  10. @franglaising not at all! i believe it's kenjip. up in koreatown. definitely give it a try (but be prepared to wait.)

  11. adorable and delicious as always ;-p

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  12. Oh goodness, utter awesomeness. That's what that outfit is. UTTER AWESOMENESS. Seriously, the colors, the shapes, the softness. I love!

  13. I love these colors that you're wearing in this post! They look amazing on you. Side note: I really like those matchbooks in the vase...might have to give it a try ; )

  14. Just found your blog today & I'm crushing on it!!
    Especially this post. The picture of your leg on the bench delights me for some reason.

  15. So Twiggy I absolutely adore it! I try not to drink any alcohol on the weekdays. I was living in NYC for some time and pick up the habit of drinking a glass of wine or beer or a cocktail every night. My wallet whispered a faint thank you when I stopped that.

  16. Super nice outfit !
    Great styling !

  17. I love your blog. I just found it today, but am completely smitten with your unique style and cheeky looks!!