Friday, April 8, 2011

breakfast of champions

aaaaaaaah friday. you have certainly taken your time to arrive this week, and boy did you wake up kicking and screaming this morning! fridays usually mean bagels in my office, but given the slow, foot-dragging nature of this week, i thought we deserved something a little better for making it this far. so i skipped over to the grocery store across the street from my little soho office, pulled out the pans and mixing bowls (i happen to be the luckiest pastry chef slash studio manager in all of lower manhattan - my office has a full kitchen with fancy stove and oven) and started mixin' up some scrambled eggs and french toast. we had some bananas on the brink of extinction, too, so i sprinkled them with some sugar in the raw and threw them in the oven to broil.


super easy french toast:

one loaf french bread (mine was a half-size.)
3 eggs
~ 2 T sugar in the raw (or, in my case, 5 packets)
some nutmeg (the only sweet spice we had on hand)
enough milk to make it runny & pale yellow (probably a 1/2 cup or so? i eyeballed.)
a couple cinnamon sticks (i have no idea why we have these.)

cut the bread into 1 inch thick slices.
mix the eggs, sugar, milk, and nutmeg together well; throw the cinnamon sticks in there. (truthfully, i don't know if these really did much.)

heat a pan on medium heat. put a decent pat of butter in there and let it melt until it starts to sizzle. soak the bread well in the egg mixture and then throw it on the pan; once it starts to brown around the edges, flip it, brown it, and repeat. heat up some syrup if that's your jam. fruit if you like! whatever! delicious.


my one piece of advice would be to not wear a silk blouse while doing so. today really shoulda been a sweatshirt and jeans kinda day. oh well. hindsight.

blouse: karen walker
skirt: old h&m dress i chopped off at the waist
tights: c/o stylefind
shoes: devotte
belt: thrifted
necklace: thrifted

my tripod died unceremoniously the other day, and while i have a backup, it's stowed away in sam's car, so for this (somewhat rushed) morning i had to balance my camera precariously on the stove. thus the cut-off face and nervous toes.

well. friday! partyin', partyin', right? sam and i have a date night this evening so i'm thinking dinner and a movie is in order; i've also got a brunch planned, a dance/skateboarding party (i will be on the dancing side of things,) and hopefully some baking thrown in there somewhere.

happy friday, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. What a yummy post! I hope you dressed up after all that cooking :) I adore that blouse, so very pretty! Have a great weekend.

  2. Im totally a fan of your blog...lovely outfit, darling!


  3. love your blog...and of course, love this post...mmmm...kisskiss

  4. Awesome outfit today! You work with color so well, and I love your creativity with dresses (in this case converting a dress into a skirt).

  5. so pretty! I love your unique top :)

  6. Great post! I've just discovered your blog, and it's amazing! You have a new follower darling :)
    Xoxo, K.

  7. Your top is so pretty!

  8. cute)

  9. Your outfit is incredible, and suffice it to say that I am insanely jealous of your office kitchen. We have a microwave, but that's about it. :-/

  10. The french toast looks amazing. I love how you just effortless throw together french toast.

  11. thanks so much to everyone for all the kindness! @Between Laundry Days , i would lose my mind without the stove and oven. my days are soooo slow here, i actually have time to bake cookies in the afternoon. not necessarily a bad thing. . .