Wednesday, April 13, 2011

jewelry boxer

good afternoon! a bit late on the posting today - my office is doing a shoot that involves me (being the only girl) twirling around in a long, flowy black dress. black being the one color that is almost entirely un-represented in my wardrobe, me and a coworker went shopping for chiffon for hours, trying to find the right thing (as it turns out, april is not the month to find long black dresses) and i am now sitting in a god-awful junior high prom dress with rhinestone beading on the shoulders, waiting for my turn in front of the camera.

in real life, though, i'm wearing this. my co-worker said i look like a jewelry box today, which i take to mean jewel tones + rhinestones? i've chosen to take it as a compliment.


shirt: thrifted
shorts: j crew outlet
tights: street vendor
necklace: etsy'd and repaired by me
shoes: etsy

i love these shoes so, but every time i wear them i tell myself it'll be the last time - they are about a half size too big and the slingbacks are a bit stretched out with age, so they flap every time i take a step, and after a while my feet really start to kill. the walk home should be fun. oh wait, no, the opposite of that.

tonight i'm having girls' night with a friend of mine; i think we'll see a movie, drink bellinis and give each other manicures. it should be lovely.

as far as wedding stuff is concerned - i think i've decided that, for budgetary reasons, it makes the most sense to combine the placecards and favors into one item. as such, the choices have been narrowed to either bottles of infused oil, small jars of curd or jam, or a plant of some sort; i suppose the supplies i'm able to find on my internet search and sam's vote will be the tie breaker. i'm a bit heartbroken to not use some of the other ideas, though, so i think i've figured out a way - i can get custom made horse ribbons to say whatever i want, so i think i'll have some ordered with descriptions of the appetizers; i'll embroider a hoop with the kind of wedding cake we're serving; paint little animals black and write the types of macarons on them, and so on. i think it'll be a fun way to get to use all these ideas i can't quite let go of.

i've been trying to be organized in keeping track of everything i need to buy, find, decide upon - which has basically amounted to me keeping a variety of lists in different places and then losing them and starting over. i mentioned this problem to a friend of mine today and he recommended i check out backpackit - you can sign up for a free account with that link - and it is a MIRACLE. if anyone out there is planning a wedding or another big event, or just has a lot of things to keep track of, i HIGHLY recommend it. it's super intuitive to use, and it's allowing me to link up my lists with all the pages i've been bookmarking - in short, it's a life saver. i am in no way affiliated with these guys nor do they even know i'm giving them this endorsement - it's just that awesome.

the week is officially closer to over than not! i hope you're all enjoying yours.

xo audrey


  1. those shoes are AMAZING!! I totally want them. And yes, you look like a gorgeous jewelry box :) this outfit almost reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!

  2. love the plums && blues sucha great combo

  3. Purple is my favorite color, and I just love jewel tones. Beautiful!

  4. I Really Love this look! Jewel tones are my Faves and that necklace is gorgeous.

  5. Aww, I love the sparkles at your neck and toes!

  6. I think your narrowed favor ideas are great! I actually put my vote in for the little plant because, I would actually like to receive it at a wedding.

  7. You MUST post a picture of you in the prom dress! I love when you do these kinda monochromatic but different toned outfits!

  8. You look so rad in purple :D

  9. you always have the best outfits! And has anyone ever told you that you look like Elizabeth Taylor?

  10. @Nuha thank you! and NO, but i think that is the nicest compliment i've ever been paid, thank you so much!!

  11. I love love love these colors together! Very pretty.

  12. @Annebeth aaah thank you! she is my namesake and one of my idols. such an amazing woman.

  13. @Lara with a little convincing from my sisters i think sugar cookies are back in the running. . . i found a great place for succulents, though, and i love that idea. i think i'm just going to make sam decide.

  14. @FutureLint hahaha, too late!! i am glad to say i didn't think to have them take one of me. i looked quite ridiculous.