Friday, October 31, 2008

agyness etc.

good morning and happy halloween! i have never been big on this holiday - i'm not really one for clever costumes, and i hate spending money on wigs and shit when i'm only ever going to wear it once a year, if that. so i usually kind of half-ass it and wear my own clothes and say i'm a hippie or whatever.

this year i'm doing the same but having a bit more fun with it. i decided to be agyness deyn:

the last time i was in chicago me and dee went to this amazing thrift store that her friend owns and i found this dress. and i love it but it isn't the most versatile piece of clothing. so this gives me the excuse to wear it.

dress: i can't remember the name of dee's friend's shop. . . it was near chicago and wood.
shoes: forever 21

hope everyone has a fun, safe night. i, for one, will be going to a friend's house, drinking wine, inhaling herbs and ordering in chinese food. i may traipse over to a gay bar afterwards to do some dancing to madonna. we'll see.



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