Wednesday, November 12, 2008


hi everyone!

sorry it's been awhile. honestly, a new girl started and she gets here really early and sits right next to me and i am embarrassed to take photos of myself with someone watching. so it's been difficult.

today, though, not only is she out sick but i am so high off of new things that i don't care WHO sees me voguing for my isight!

i got residuals money for a commercial i did a voiceover for back in september and went on a bit of a spending spree. . .

1. new coat

this is hugely exciting to me. i own like 4 coats, but all were bought when i was broke and just wanted something better than what i had before; as a result, they are mostly from the gap and kind of meh. i also see about 30 girls a day wearing the same coat. so. when i saw this on sale at anthropologie, i decided to let myself BUY IT. i waited outside for anthro to open this morning and was the first in line to buy it.

it's 100% wool, it's extremely well made, the pockets are lined with velvet. . . and i am in love with it. i figure, for at least 4 months a year it's the one item of clothing that people see you in the most often. . . it should be awesome.

pair this coat with these gloves, that i snagged for next to nothing at filene's basement:

and these boots, which i spotted sometime last autumn and pined for but couldn't afford. . . until now:

and i am ready for winter! BRING IT!

love you guys, and see you chicagoans sooner than later. . .

xo audrey


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