Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i have been taking photos but too lazy to post them for the last few days. a quick rundown of the week so far:


tube dress thing: american apparel
shirt: old navy
belt: salvation army
neckalce: mama's


shirt: etsy'd
shorts: akira chicago
harmonica neckalce: erica weiner


shirt: american apparel
suit jacket: vintage calvin klein. haha vintage. by vintage i mean like 6 years old.
pants: gap, like 4 years ago. i bought them wide and made 'em skinny. doin' what i do.
shoe: bandolino via dsw
bird chasing airplane necklace: erica weiner
crazed look in my eyes: not really sure. tired?

loving you all! i'll start writing more soon, but work has been busy for a [very welcome] change.

the culinary school countdown begins! 7 weeks and two days.

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  1. thank gawd! i was starting to have withdrawal. missed ya, stylista