Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tuesday + wednesday

monday i cheated and wore an outfit i already wore on here. although, really, how long can one be expected to get dressed for work without wearing a repeat outfit?


shirt: old, old ann taylor, i think from the eighties. it was my mom's. it used to be perfectly oversized but then i freakin' washed it and now it is imperfectly too small.

jeans: andrea goldschmieds, purchased at anthropologie and altered by me

belt: got it at renegade this year for $5 from this really sweet girl

necklace: that erica weiner, i can't stop!


dress: was my mom's. not sure where it's from.

very tall socks: american apparel

i get another free haircut! got stopped coming off the train yesterday and asked if i wanted to be a bumble & bumble hair model. i go in next monday. life is good.

xo audrey


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