Wednesday, October 22, 2008


gah, behind again. i had a crazy week of work last week, as we had a huge gallery opening/party on thursday that i planned much of. it did, however, give me an excuse to wear this:

the dress i thrifted years ago in a thrift store in roscoe village. it was floor length but dee hemmed it up for me and now it's a fabulous little frock. actually, dee plays a part in every outfit this week! let's continue.

all of the designers in the office brought in personal work to hang around the office, all the guys in bands played, there were about 400 people and every one of them was trashed.

sam is in town this week and i have been going out too late and drinking too much, so i think in the following couple of photos i look a little rough around the edges. ah well. here's tuesday:

shirt: old navy
brooch: borrowed from dee (dee, i'm sending it back, i promise)
romper: dalaga, this awesome boutique in greenpoint
shoes you can't see, but they are these amazing iridescent pink barbie shoes i found at forever 21 for $10.

aaaaand this morning:

this outfit sponsored entirely by dee.

dress: dee gave to me when i was in chicago this weekend
brooch: yep, also dee's
tights: american apparel
belt: thrifted

that's all for now! hope everyone is having a good week!

xo audrey


  1. that dress looks way better on you than it ever did on me!

  2. aud keep the brooch. i never wear it. its getting good show time with you. :)
    ps-your the prettiest!!