Thursday, September 24, 2009


hi everyone!

again i have to open with an apology. in my defense i haven't stayed at my own apartment in almost a week, and living out of a suitcase is not so conducive to new outfits. also my hair desperately needs a chop. i haven't gotten in cut since new years, and even that was just a trim; with the summer ending and the humidity fading, my hair isn't curling anymore so much as poofing straight out from my head and falling in my face. most of it is still just barely too short for a ponytail and it's just so awkward. i'm contemplating a cut today.

so basically, as to why i've been blogging less, i feel like i owe you guys a bit of an explanation since you all know i don't really have a job at the moment and it's summer and really there's no good reason i shouldn't be able to at least muster the inspiration to do a post every couple of days or so. without getting too personal (i try to avoid that on here just because,) i met a boy a few weeks ago and am deliriously happy and have basically been with him every moment possible, including trips to connecticut, the jersey shore, and currently boston. his name is sam, he is the best, and that's all i'll say about that for now. so, sorry i've been so lazy, but when you're so blissed out it can be hard to drag yourself away to sit in front of a computer.

also i've had a shitty cold for a few days (and still do) and don't really feel like trying. i'm sucking it up because i realized it had been almost ten days since i'd last posted.

and speaking of living out of a suitcase, we're in boston staying with a couple of his friends for most of the week so i'm doing just that. don't be too hard on this outfit; it's hot here and i am low on clothes i haven't posted recently (that sequined top is hard to deny when it's in your bag.) ridiculous though it may be, here's what i'm wearing today, before i hop on a bike and he on a skateboard and ride until we find some grass to lay on. how great is life?

top: victoria's secret (this may or may not be the nightgown i wore to bed last night. and the night before)
shorts: american apparel
shoes: etsy
ribbon: artists and fleas

i still have so much posting and catching up to do from the conference. most of my booty from the sponsors is at dear christine of my style pill's place, so i have to swing over before i get to that stuff. but it's coming.

happy thursday!

xo audrey


  1. Ooh I love new love!! So happy for you! :)

  2. I gotta tell you, I'm loving this outfit! The colors, shoes, everything. And I'm so glad you're having a blissful time with the new man.

    Oh, and check out the giveaway on my blog!!

  3. you sound positively blissed out, indeed. no need for apologies, really. i happen to agree sometimes what they say about not having a life when you're always in front of the computer. i would kill to be living life to its hilt. happy for you.

  4. love the two versions of purple! and those shorts are to DIE for :)


  5. mmmm....
    I hate living out suitcases-
    but you still manage to look fabulous!
    still on the lookout for the perfect pair of bloomers