Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hi everyone! remember me? i'm so sorry i've been such a failure at blogging lately. i mentioned life being crazy. it has gotten so much crazier. i am sitting on my own bed in daylight for the first time in over a week, so i am finally able to snap an outfit photo and write a little something.

i guess i can start from this weekend and work my way back. yesterday, class. third to last before i graduate on thursday. it was semi-successful. i go back this afternoon to try to wrap most of it up.

saturday and sunday, connecticut. beautiful. blissful. i'm going to leave that a little ambiguous for now.

the past week in chicago was pretty productive and a lot of fun. i found an apartment, interviewed for my job and clenched the thing (fingers crossed, i should get the call this week.) played too much beatles rock band. ate at my favorite sushi place which was nowhere near as awesome as i remembered. made eggs on a motorcycle in the mornings with my friend michael, whom i was staying with. the weather was gorgeous and i was able to ride my bike for the first time and coasting down the side streets of wicker park made me remember just how much i absolutely love that city. the closer it comes, the more terrified i am to leave everything i have in new york, but the past week re-confirmed for me how much the city fits. it feels so right on me.

and before that, the weardrobe conference!! i'm pretty bummed because i had to miss quite a bit of it, due to class and my chicago trip, but what i made it to was absolutely incredible. i'll be doing a lot of shouting out to the amazing sponsors who donated so much to the weekend - i was really blown away by the generosity and creativity of all the companies.

and i acquired the elements for my new favorite outfit ever. this shirt weighs about 20 pounds; i picked it up at artists and fleas on saturday with all the girls from the conference. the jeans were part of a diy project sponsored by pac sun - we all got to pick a pair of jeans and do to them what they will. i'm not much of a stud-wearer (or jeans wearer for that matter) so i cut them into little shorts and sewed some buttons on them (courtesy of the style magnet.)

shirt: corvus noir at artists and fleas
shorts: pac sun (DIY'd)
boots: 80%20

okay, i have to do some laundry, drink some coffee and head to class. hope everyone's week has been as glorious as mine!

xo audrey


  1. your week sounds fantastic. i had to look up with eggs on a motorcycle was (i was very confused at first!) , but now i need some, badly.

    congrats on finishing culinary school soon :)

  2. you look fabulous...what a find that shirt is!

  3. OMG GURL. The buttons look great! I didn't think anyone used them haha. I might have to do that with a pair of my jeans now :)

  4. Awesome outfit!!!!

  5. ooh that top!! Hope culinary school was fun! Does that mean no more nyc???

  6. that sequined top has made me consider one for myself, only now everything pales in comparison. seriously, it looks great!

    and good luck at culinary school!

  7. Gorgeous skirt and I'm SOOO jealous of the shoes!

  8. I love your shirt! Its beautiful!

  9. i love this!!!!!
    the dress is gorgeous
    the detail and embroidery is to die for, thanks for sharing
    love the touch of ankle boot
    beautiful darling

    check out my blog @

  10. which culinary school do you attend? I'm think about going myself but I'm unsure which school would be best

  11. OMG! I Found this blog! I see your photos on Tumblr all the time :D They are fab! Anyway soOoo love the 80%20 boots. A big fan myself, I sell some in my shop! Great outfit, keep up the looks. I will be back :P


  12. that dress is to DIE for. i'm new to your blog and i really like your style :)


  13. Oh that shirt is incredibly beautiful! Just stunning. And the under-played shorts with it- fab.

    Florrie x

  14. I've already commented on this hsirt when it was in the picture with the bird... but I will say again how ridiculously awesome it is, especially now that i see all of it.

  15. Wow awesome outfit, sexy and stylish, love the blog

    audrey dettmar