Friday, September 4, 2009

going to the chapel

not me, no no, but in class yesterday we finished up our wedding cake project. the way the project works is that the class below us creates a wedding scenario: in this one, a japanese college student was marrying a tattoo artist, and they had an asian themed wedding. as such, i decided to play to my strengths and pipe a sumi-e style painting on my cake with chocolate. first i had to make the darn thing, fill the layers with green tea icing, crumb coat it, and cover it with white fondant. then i melted some chocolate, rolled a bunch of tiny piping bags ('cornets' to those in the kitchen) and painted a japanese-style landscape on the cake. i was pretty pleased with the result.

life has been absolutely upside-down crazy the last week. i feel like i haven't had a moment to breathe. it's been busy in the best way; things falling into place for the most part, but still definitely falling and i feel like taking my sanity with it. my final exams start tomorrow, i didn't get to sleep until 5 in the morning last night and i have a to-do list of about 88 things before i leave for chicago sunday afternoon, straight from the weardrobe conference. so i haven't been the best blogger. a quick catchup:


shirt/dress: h&m
socks: american apparel
shoes: 80%20


dress: urban outfitters
boots: aldo
hat: vintage from ebay

i have been on a vintage hat-buying binge lately. rather impractical but pretty fun.

and now, lovely readers, i gotta sleep. i am completely running on empty. so much more to come.

xo audrey


  1. love the dress! those stripes are awesome.

  2. wowl such a nice cake! It mucst have taken you aaages to paint all those motives!!
    I've seen that dress b4... is"pink"


  3. The cake is breathtaking. I love the idea, and you have a real mastery over that style. Amazing! Oh, and I LOVE the outfit. You look fantastic and you have such a great eye for color!

  4. is it just me? i can't view the thursday outfit.

  5. oops! thanks dear. it's fixed now.

  6. I adore the first dress. It is an amzing color. Lovely cake!

  7. the cake is stunning- it actually matches your fabulous dress in the second pic!

  8. love both of these outfits :)!

  9. stunning! I wish i could get married again and have that cake at my wedding!!

  10. that cake is incredible, i so wish i was invited to their wedding! and i love the pink and orange outfit :)

  11. Waaoo!! the cake looks aaaweeesome!! Great job!