Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dr. shopaholic (or, how i learned to stop shopping and walk away from the herve leger.)

good morning! today's post is mostly a day of catch-up, as i have pretty much been going non-stop since sunday morning. that afternoon amy and i moseyed up to a mexican brunch place with unlimited mimosas (and terrible coffee, not the best tradeoff) and then headed to williamsburg to see grizzly bear and beach house. shit was crazy. i thought getting into girl talk the week before was insane; the line to see 'two weeks' live was at least 7 hipster-filled blocks long. so instead we loitered on the street for awhile, listening through the fence, then headed into union square so amy could do some proper new york city shopping, 5th avenue style. in fact, we spent so much time in anthropologie we didn't make it anywhere else; but amy got some cute tops and i bought a pair of circus pants.

fitting room fancy.

after they kicked us out of anthropologie, we went to pret a manger and got some sandwiches and salads and walked to the park and sat and talked and talked and talked. dear god, but i love this girl. i don't really consider myself a 'girl person' - i have a few girl friends whom i am very close with, because it is so rare for me to find a girl i feel like i can really connect with, but when you find a good one it's the best thing in the world. we packed up our goods and went to hotel delmano (brooklynites, if you haven't been here, do, it's fabulous,) and imbibed a few cocktails over some more great conversation. home, bed.

monday we woke up reasonably early (i for some reason woke at 7 and couldn't get back to bed, so i downloaded the new madmen and double-watched it like some kind of junkie) and walked to choice market around the corner from my place for fresh pastries and good coffee, then walked to the train and headed back into union square. j crew, banana republic, aldo, h&m, and several hundred dollars between us later, we staggered away from the stores with arms full of bags and once again had salad in the park before heading down to soho for red flower, which amy had been dying to visit, and a stop in a vintage designer shop where i fell in love with a herve leger that i can never, ever afford. i've been wanting to try one on forever, since seeing them on gilt a few months ago and how fabulously tight they are while still (somehow) being so flattering. so i tried one on and snapped a sneaky (somewhat blurred) dressing room photo.

on the left, the herve leger. drool. it fit like a glove. and on the right, a near miss at h&m; i felt a little bit too much like a rollerdisco girl. i may go back and rescue it later.

finally, what i actually wore:
pants: anthropologie
sweater: gap
necklace: bluberi brooklyn
pants: devotte
belt: anthropologie

i felt a bit like a gap model than usual yesterday. wearing pants makes me feel like i'm going to a job interview, but it's been so perfectly fallish in new york that warmer clothes are kind of required. so many purchases this week (i really. have. to. stop.) that will be making cameos in the coming days.

and the countdown to the weardrobe conference! holy shit. this friday - monday; sadly i'll miss some of it due to class and my trip to chicago, but i am sooo pumped to meet everyone and see what they have in store for us.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. did you hear about jay-z and beyonce and solange (baby knowles!) showing up to that show? crazy.

    also. your hair. looking SO good. and i love those pants.

  2. Great pants and I love the cropped sweater!

  3. here is a style challenge for you;
    I'm turning 30 soon as are many of my pals. We commiserate over the fact that we don't quite fit into some of these hipster looking styles as some are not age appropriate. We, myself mainly, still wanna dress stylishly but more my age. I don't wanna look boring but I don't wanna look 23 either. I'm usually attracted to clothing a 20 year old would wear. can you come up with some outfits for gals like me approaching there 30's who like style but don't want to look like a college art student???

  4. that white/red top is great! and the sequin dress as well :)

  5. the outfit you wore is great! And I think you might have to go back to rescue the h&m dress... It looks really good on you!