Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mod squad

hello dear readers! hope everyone had a lovely weekend. my last two have been spent primarily out of town and unfortunately out of camera - i tried to bring it to new jersey when sam and i went this past weekend, but it fell out of my bag and ended up as a stowaway somewhere in his backseat for the last several days. but i am back, and i am blogging!

two weekends ago, i drove upstate and with sam and a bunch of friends and stayed in this gorgeous house near poughkeepsie (more on that later.) this past weekend sam and i drove down the shore for a couple of days for some fishing and outlet shopping; i hit the le creuset and the j crew pretty hard (more of that to come,) and sam took me to this little vintage shop he'd seen a few times and thought i'd like. score.

i've never been much for halloween - i grew up not allowed to trick-or-treat, because my family was very religious, so i feel like the lack of practice has given me a costume-planning handicap. this year i thought of a perfect costume and i was so excited: i was going to dress all in grey and get a big headband from american apparel and bend some wires into a whisk-y shape and be, yes, a whisk. cheap, easy, comfortable, and non-slutty! the perfect costume.

of course this all required a trip to michael's sometime saturday, and once i entered the le creuset store i was pretty sure there just wasn't going to be time. luckily i'd snagged this dress and shoes from the vintage shop, and had been waiting for the right outfit to bust out these tights, so i decided to just go as a mod chick from the 60s.

dress: vintage, thrifted
shoes: vintage, thrifted
tights: hansel from basel
brooch: little shop in florida

pretty sure i'm going to start wearing my hair in a beehive at all times. i've always been so lazy about my hair, so maybe i can bring back the whole getting your hair done on a monday, just touching it up throughout the week thing. sounds perfect.

i'm off to sear some tuna for dinner! have a lovely evening, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. You look Beautiful ! This look would be cute for a lunch date or a night out too.

  2. I absolutely love this look , gorgeous!

  3. you worked them fine. so adorable.

  4. Yes!

  5. good look,i like !