Saturday, November 6, 2010

horror movie photo shoot

so - i've been meaning to post these for awhile, but i'm not really sure what to say: my extraordinarily talented friend jess asked if she could shoot some photos of me for a class, and i agreed. i generally hate photos anyone else takes of me - i've got the whole not-looking-at-the-camera thing down to a science now, and photographers always want me to smile at the camera (and i hate my teeth) and i am beyond awkward when posing - even when sam takes photos for me, they end up unusable because they are either blurry from me nervously twitching or i've somehow managed to have one eye open and one closed and my mouth open in some menacing way. these photos remind me of stills from a horror movie or something, but i like them. and i like that you get to see random bits of my apartment in the background.

red top is from urban outfitters (a dress, in fact;) ruffled skirt is lorick; shoes by melissa; in the pink and red, top from dalaga (a little boutique in greenpoint, brooklyn;) skirt thrifted; shoes from nine west.

xo audrey


  1. Awesome photos, and I love the colors in every one of them. Very artistic, and you look gorgeous!


  2. So, so fabulous Audrey! You look gorgeous and I love the red dress on you!

  3. What beautiful photos! Your friend is a great photographer. And you look gorgeous :)

  4. these are really gorgeous and perfectly dramatic!


  5. These are really beautiful. I especially like the first one; the mirror image is a tiny bit creepy!

  6. I really love the pic of you in the bath tup. Such a cool angle and you are such a pretty girl...



  8. Oh, c'mon! You don' seem awkward on those photos. You look amazing, just like a real model. Hehe! But yeah, it's sometimes a little uncomfortable when people take pictures of you. What's with your teeth, anyways?

    Bianca Jackson