Friday, November 19, 2010

homerunballerina's gift guide, part I

hello loves! happy universal children's day! i've never done this before, but i've spent quite a bit (some would say too much) browsing the interwebs over the last couple of weeks, and i've come up with quite a stack of bookmarks of cool gift ideas. i'm going to try to break them up into semi-logical groups; today's edition: for the chef!

heart shaped frying pan. how cute is that? and for $6.99, how can you say no?

nesting bowls/measuring spoons $50. i've been obsessed with these ever since i first spotted them in the moma store. bright, space efficient, practical. and $40 if you're a member!

your state cutting board. $40. serve cheese on it when you have guests; proudly display your home state when you aren't! genius.

cute apron, $32. it's always a bummer to cover up a cute outfit with an ugly apron. here's your remedy.

l'epicerie spice rack, $39.50. a spice rack and a work of art. you can choose from several pre-selected racks or create your own.

bundt pan necklace, $26. for the baker in your life. i also love this seller's sardine necklace.

garlic zoom, $14.95. sam bought me one of these on a whim around this time last year, and i loved it so much i bought one for all of the women in our family. for the garlic lover, it's a must-have.

more to come! have a lovely weekend!

xo audrey


  1. I have the heart shaped frying pan. I use it for Valentines breakfast.

  2. oh my god!! love the heart's pan! so lovely!! follow you =) would you follow me??

  3. Those nesting bowls need to be in my kitchen.

  4. i have the garlic zoom too!! and i must say - it's kinda life-changing. no, i don't think i'm exaggerating!!

    and i love that heart shaped frying pan and those nesting bowls/spoons. so cute!! great post!

  5. I was given the garlic zoom as a gift last year and I love it! Great line-up of ideas!

  6. what thoughtful ideas--love the sardines! i'm looking forward to the next installment :D xx

  7. Our local kitchen store has that great garlic cutter (I checked yesterday) & so thank you, perfect stocking stuffer for one of my young gourmets.

  8. I LOVE all your finds!