Saturday, November 20, 2010

homerunballerina's gift guide, part II

güten tag! happy weekend! part two of my gift guide: for the music lover. (you'll notice that all of these gift guides happen to fall under categories that i consider myself a part of. to any friends and family that may be reading: it is not a cop-out to buy me something off these gift guides. it's *brilliant.*)

the small stakes, $16.50. saw this book at strand today and thought of many friends that would love it. full of clever, beautiful concert posters.

equalizer tee, $29.99. i bought this shirt a few years ago for a friend who is addicted to concert-going; it actually moves with the music. awesome, but only if you like a lot of strangers trying to talk to you while you're at a show.

okay, yes, a little silly, but i love these beatles handpuppets ($25.) also the very clever many david bowies.

speaking of the beatles: my favorite mockumentary of all time, the rutles, $14.50. starring mostly original snl-ers and monty python cast members, it would be hard to go wrong; absolutely brilliantly, wittily, hysterically written faux-documentary about a band that bears a suspicious resemblance to the beatles. if you don't buy this for someone else, but it for yourself.

grand taxonomy of rap names. $25. 'nuff said.

under the radar magazine. $12.50 for 5 issues. this is not your dad's music magazine (no offense dad.) filled with "intelligent, humorous, in-depth articles that go beyond a band's major influences, accompanied by exclusive and stylistic photos," it's the vanity fair of the music world. plus magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving.

songwriters calendar, $30. beautiful handdrawn artists. there's someone for everyone! (although stevie nicks is not for me.)

lady gaga christmas card, $3.95. i don't know. i stumbled on this completely accidentally and can't get the image out of my mind. hoping to exorcise it here.

more to follow!

xo audrey


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  2. Great ideas! I bought the Small Stakes book for a friend, and she LOVED it.